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I can't do it

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I was sexually assaulted a few years back..I was so depressed at college I had to tell someone. I told my tutor, who told someone else blah blah

In the end the Police got involved. I STUPIDLY talked to them. Then THEY talked to fucking CID who made me give a statement.

Now today, a woman rings me, tells me she's a detective. She wants me to make a video statement against him because he's attacked another 4/5 girls, 2 recently. And the latest is a girl who is in care and has issues, so on her own, it's not enough.

I can't fucking do it! No way!!! I can't...

I won't be able to anyway. Not from where I am going.

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Hun noone can force you to do anything hun if you can't you can't YOU do what is necessary to keep you safe okay. This guy needs to be taken off the street the others will testifiy so they may not need yours as well You do what is necessary to keep you well tell the detective that hugs
yes you can do it. . no one can force you into making any kind of statement about anything. . .if a dectvie ants to meet with you again. . either say no. . or demand to speak to a victim's assostant. .every police departmant has that resource. .
I want to forget..forget it all. But I that can never happen.

The memories, scars and screwed up insides won't let me. So if she thinks it will bring me closure, she is wrong.

I have to meet again..But I can't find the strength to.
Closure is often overrated. You have given the police a statement, and you did well to make it through that experience.

You need to take care of YOU most of all. Make sure you are getting your sleep, eating nourishing food and drinking enough water to keep your body going. After you are cared for, you can think about whether you will talk to the police some more.

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