i can't do this anymore

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I can't shake these thoughts of wanting to kill myself everyday and everynight of my life. I also want to S/H so badly that I have twice now in 2 weeks and I am on the verge of doing it again. My life sucks, I try and do the best i can do but it just seems like it's not enough. I always get shit upon for keeping to myself. Things just keep going negatively every turn i make.

I hate it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Why do you feel so terrible? Maybe we can help you express how you are feeling and help get it out. Medications might also be helpful if you really need them. Stay here and talk with us about what is bothering you. :hug: Maybe we can help.


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Don't SH again, try and distract yourself from those thoughts, did something in particular happen to make you SH again? :hug:
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