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I can't do this anymore

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I am sick and tired of the constant bullshit in my life. I cannot walk, eat, sleep, do anything, hell, I cannot fucking breathe without getting nagged at by my aunt. She pisses me off. I have no one I can really turn to when she does this shit. She acts like my life revolves around her. I can't walk in the god damn kitchen at night and get water for fucks sake. She holds phone messages from me, even though I get a phone call a few times a week and she isn't charged for it or anything. I can't even have a cup of milk....it's hers. You know what happens when I buy food. I FUCKING SHARE IT!

And it's not just her...other people in my family especially my stupid childish mother is one of the biggest hypocrites ever. And of course I'm apparently supposed to enjoy being treated like im a prisoner where everything to when I am hungry to where I go to church ( as if I don't struggle with my faith enough).

I cut and since I can't address problems with my one sided family, I have to do this because the physical pain i inflict on myself at least lets me be in control of myself a little.

Yeah I know this is all "drama" im saying but I don't care. I try to be considerate of them and yet they don't care if they hurt me with their stressful bullshit.

Last month I said if things got worse by the end of that month i would take my life. The dumbass that i am i changed my mind. I have so much hurt in side, and I don't need their fragile egotistical bullshit.


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I am sorry that this is happening to you. I used to have people treat me like trash as well and I know what it can do to one's self esteem. Sadly, they are rude people in the world but there are plenty of nice people as well. :) *hugs*
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