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I cant do this

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I am about to get married to the most wonderful man alive and I am so fucking depressed. I have been searching for this man my whole life and when it has justed barely started I want to end myself completly. I am so confussed.

I have attempted suicide at least 3 times, but this time is different. I dont think I have ever wanted just to leave so, so bad. I dont know what to do.


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u can do it. have a little faith in ur self and u can get through this. trust in him tell him ur depressed he will help trust in him and u will get though.


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Do you have any help and support? Has anything happened to make you feel this bad?

Maybe a good place to start would be the doctors, even if you have already seen them it is important for them to know how you are feeling, so that they can help you. There are lots of options available to you, things like meds, or different therapies. They can make an amazing difference and help a lot.

You have reached out for help by posting on here, and that is a brilliant thing. It shows that somewhere inside, there is a little spark of fight left in you. You need to hold onto that spark and do everything you can to help yourself.

Have you talked to your man about how you feel? Does he know that you feel so bad? Do you think you could tell him?

Things might feel bad now, but if you keep fighting they can really improve and you can look forward to a future with the amazing man that you are with (if that's what you want). It might seem a long way off, so for now you need to take baby steps with the first one being making a doctors appointment.

Hang in there and take care
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