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I cant feel hungry

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why cant i feel hungry? I can go a whole day or two without eating still ahve heaps of energy and not even feel hungry...

I want to go on a pepermint tea diet...

The day that i drank pepermint tea i was happy.. it fills me up and that way i can have energy to exercise and loose weight.

i like not eating...
I dont like eating in public food courts because i feel like everyones watching me thinking "look at that fatso eating like that"

so when i started to drop the freqauncy of when i ate sometimes i would go to a toilet and eat my sandwich or something...
but now i dont even need to do that...

I want to have pepermint tea so i will go now :)

all the money i will save on food :D yay


:biggrin: The last comment made me grin. When I had no money saving money on food was quite nice, hehe.

But in all seriousness now.........I was wondering if you're on a high mood? Because when I was manic/suicidal my ED went out of control as eating was not on my mind at all, and I had loads of energy and never felt hungry- which then made worse the deep rooted anorexia/bulimia I have.

I sympathise with eating in public. It is difficult.

But drinking peppermint tea forever makes you weak and tired after a while. After a while your body starts preserving fat rather than losing as it goes into starvation mode. And you're depriving yourself of nutrients and risking heart failure/heart attacks and organ failure.

I know all this may not sound much if you're already suicidal. It is nice to have self sufficiency and control over not eating- it can be a power trip. But it ends up getting you all the more depressed in the long run (I've been like this for around 11 years now :dry: )

There are so many reasons why you're doing this to yourself. Do you like orange juice? Orange juice has pottassium and your heart needs that.

Please take care sora. :hug:
I have Bipolar...
So my eating is out of whack but it has been like this (my eating) for a few months...
I don't want to waste food
So I will not throw it up...
So I would rather not eat...

sora yori ^^ thank you for your reply i apreciate it


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I'm actually going through the same thing right now, i don't know why, but i've only been eating once a day or so, I just don't feel hungry. It's not as if I'm trying to starve myself. On the plus side, I'm starting to look really good physically.
thats great :D
I can't wait
I want to be considered beautifull...
I want to be considered pretty...
But I'm not >.< ( _ _)

sora yori
im glad we are both going through this one together..


Maybe however much you may be considered "better looking" (this can also be questionable), it won't counteract the awful feelings inside? :hug: Body image is a weird thing when having an ED. One minute you may look at yourself and feel pleased, the next, you look at yourself and feel disgusted. It's tiring.


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yeah, i'm kinda feeling like i might have some issues with it, i feel guilty when i eat actual food, even though i really shouldn't because it's normal, but i hate how heavy it makes me feel.
I lost appetite actually in the end of August because of lots of stress and changes and pressure more changes, but at the same time i was busy and not so depressed.

Since then my life is getting worse and I can't gain weight. There are days when I want to eat and have a normal appetite and then there are days when I eat just once a day late in the evening. And that's it. It started to affect my health already.

And I hear at least once a day: Are u anorexic? Am I? I have no problems with my body, I didn't try to lose weight intentionally, never though I'm fat, never obsessed over food. No binge, no purge. Just depression and despair. I can't make myself eat when I don't want to. I still can not fathom how appetite can dissappear just like that and for such a long time. 7 months already.

And its very uncomfortable for me when people talk about my disorder or try to make me eat, I agree it's a disorder, but when I try to explain my situation they look at me with presumption oh..all anorexics are in denial.

I actually thought that eventually my appetite would come back, but it didn't. I'm going to get an appointment with generalist first and sort it out.

Just wanted to share. And I really wish people I hardly know stop saying I am anorexic unless they are qualified to do so, it doesn't help and doesn't change anything, it's just very annoying. :argh:

My height is 165sm or 5'5/5'4 ft and weight fluctuates between 42 and 44 kg approximately.
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