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I can't figure out a better solution

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by Tattoedtimmy, Sep 27, 2016.

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  1. Tattoedtimmy

    Tattoedtimmy Member

    I lost my job, unemployment is running out, bills out the ass, I've never been so down and out. I'm in recovery almost 20 years but I'm just not able to cope
  2. Special-Agent-Gibbs

    Special-Agent-Gibbs SF Supporter

    I'm so sorry that things are so hard right now. Please know that we are here for you in your time of need. (hug)
  3. Adam H.

    Adam H. New Member

    Remember, things do get better. I am not going to even start with bs on oh it will get better right away. But, please please please hear me out. Stuck in there it does get better
  4. Tattoedtimmy

    Tattoedtimmy Member

    I need to find someone to care for my dogs, they're the only thing keeping me going thus far but its just to much, I had to unplug my landline and turn the ringer off on my cell, I just can't take the constant calls from bill collectors, I understand it's their job to call but I feel like a total piece of crap, this is so bad that I feel it's either me or the person who unjustly fired me so a family member could have a job, something has to give someone needs to go
  5. Tattoedtimmy

    Tattoedtimmy Member

    I don't want to do it in my house, its a family home and I don't want my family having to disclose what happened in the house if they choose to sell it, probably a cheap room in a crappy area where no kids find me, thats the last thing I would want to happen , it could destroy a childs life finding a body
  6. Tattoedtimmy

    Tattoedtimmy Member

    It kills me that I know people who seem to never have a job yet they're alwas collecting unemployment beifits, until this past April I never collected a dime from unemployment, and worked almos 40 years full time, all long term jobs..but my benifits end in 2 more payments with no extension allowed, I'll definitely mention the PA. State policy in a letter and maybe just maybe they'll look into it, even on a case by case basis, at 57 years of age its tough, and I also lost my cobra plan cause i couldnt afford it, so I'm told i need to wait untl November before I can even apply through the open markt

    I'll get everyone a nicc card thanking them for all they do and where i can be found, and a special card to my. Former boss letting himknow i hold him 100% responsible for what happened to me, he knew he was wrong to replce me with an unqualified drunken brother who the rest of the employees and other companies in the same industry pretty much laugh at ...with a nickname "Drunken Danny"no one takes him seriously , salesman that couldn't sell a fire extinguisher to a man on fire
  7. jake.007

    jake.007 Active Member

    try not to give up hope just yet. i know how shitty your situation is -- i've been there. but there's always things that can be done. have you spoken to your creditors yet? not the people calling to collect the bills, but the creditors themselves. this is not an unusual situation, unfortunately, and they are usually willing to work with people to defer payments until you're back on your feet, or at least to reduce payments. remember that it is in their best interest to work with you -- it's the only chance they have of collecting anything. call them and explain the situation and see what they are willing to do. it can't hurt to try.

    with regard to your job, i know it is tough to find something in this economy when your nearing retirement age, but there are a couple of things that work in your favor. first, you have a ton of experience that no one else has -- package that up and sell it ... it sounds like you were working in sales, so look at this as the product you're selling. tough as it is, you cannot get discouraged right now. be as positive as you can when you're talking to potential employers (and everyone is a potential employer right now). second, it sounds like you still have lots of contacts in the industry. use that network. call everyone you can think of -- all your customers, all your industry contacts, everyone you used to work for and with. ask them if they know anyone who is looking for help -- aim to get one introduction from everyone you call ... it won't always happen, but that should be your goal. people genuinely want to help most of the time, so get everybody you can think of working to help you.

    and finally, make sure you talk to someone IMMEDIATELY about your rights. you have a limited amount of time to exercise those rights. i don't know all of the circumstances, but according to your profile, you are 57 years old. if you were terminated and replaced with a younger employee, you might have an age discrimination claim. there might be other causes of action. but the time to file a complaint for claims like those can be kind of short, depending on where you live (i think you referenced pennsylvania, and i don't know the employment laws there). age discrimination is at least a federal claim, though, so you should make a call (or pay a visit) to the eeoc (equal employment opportunities commission) office in your city. they will help you determine whether you have a claim and the deadline for filing that claim. and once you file it, they will go to your former employer with your claim and investigate it and try to work something out. if the eeoc cannot get it resolved, you can go to federal court -- give something back to your employer; make their lives as miserable as they have made yours. BUT DON'T GIVE UP!! you can get through this even if it feels hopeless right now.

    if i can help in anyway, please let me know. there's lots you can do. you will be okay.
  8. Tattoedtimmy

    Tattoedtimmy Member

  9. Lestat

    Lestat Well-Known Member

    Hey, in times like these the only thing you can do is really try to do more than you ever have before. Force yourself out to find work.
    Suicide will completely mess up the future of your family. They will find it very hard to continue and they would lose one of the most important things in their life
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