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I can't find my friend Sydney.

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She won't answer any of my messages. She isn't on facebook anymore either. She was my only real friend and now she is gone. I don't know what I did wrong. I can't contact her. I can't stand being without her for too long. What if she hurt herself or killed herself? Why wouldn't she tell me? I'm so ashamed and sad.
I guess you don't really know what is going on with her right now. Sometimes when someone is depressed they just don't want to be in touch with anyone.

You may not have done anything wrong at all.

Can you talk to a therapist?

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maybe her computer is down or maybe she is away for awhile maybe she is sick but don't think it was because of something you did okay. I have had people go away months at a time i thought the worse had happen but no they were gone on a business trip or something else. Hang on okay like said it could be her computer crashed hugs


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That is an awful feeling...I have been there...why are you ashamed? Maybe writing her/you a letter so that you can get it out and begin to forgive yourself...please let us know what happens...J
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