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I can't focus

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by morning rush, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. morning rush

    morning rush Well-Known Member

    I can't concentrate and work...and it's pissing me off. What kind of person I am if I can't focus. All I can do is just look blankly at the tv screen and stay seated. I want to work, but my mind just gets numb...why can't I focus...why can't get over this...its seem the only solution is to die...to end it....at least I wouldn't have to feel disgusted with myself....

    ODIECOM Well-Known Member

    UMMM. we are here to listen, whats going on ?
  3. morning rush

    morning rush Well-Known Member

    I'm trying to work and I can't. It's like I'm stuck in my brain. I dunno how else to explain it. It's like I'm numb all over and can't do anything untill it unlocks. I hate that feeling, I'd rather die than feel that. Yet I know if I died my mom would be really upset. I just feel useless and like I'm slob who does nothing....

    ODIECOM Well-Known Member

    is that something you can see a dr for ?
  5. OsherNosher

    OsherNosher Member

    what kind of job is it?
    maybe the job is not for you?
    maybe you're good at something else?
    how old are you?
    where are you from?
    what are your options?
    do you live only with your mom?
    got brothers?
  6. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Do you have ADD attention deficit disorder are you on medication for this. I know when the switch is off in the brain it is very hard to do anything but when it is on you can do lots of wonderful things. Please look into seeing your doctor to see why you are having trouble concentrating so your doctor can help you okay take care and let us know how it goes.
  7. sweetpea0

    sweetpea0 Well-Known Member

    Sometimes our brains does this to us. We feel we can't do anything. It is very frustrating but you should not kill yourself. How long have you been feeling this way? Is there someone you can talk to? Coming here and talking to us is the first step. I have these feelings a lot. Just keep talking and maybe we can help each other.
  8. morning rush

    morning rush Well-Known Member

    I think I do have ADD but the meds they give for that doesnt work for me....it makes me even more depressed...I take meds for depression but I'm starting to wonder if its not the meds doing that...

    My work is someting I'm really good at and I enjoy it very much...I work at home because I can't work outside because of my anxiety and social phobias...I live alone in my apartment....mom visits me every week....

    thank you for responding to my message...it makes me feel better that people do care...

    I dont know why but when I'm in the moment of feeling the way I felt last night, all I think about is dying...but today I don't feel like that anymore...

    ODIECOM Well-Known Member

    glad your feeling better today. sometimes when we talk to ppl, it opens up ideas that we can ponder. have a good rest of the day
  10. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    I'm glad you're feeling better.

    Perhaps talk to your doctor about your lack of concentration? There may be an underlying issue?

    Keep talking if it helps x
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