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  1. snufkin

    snufkin New Member

    Right heres my situation

    I went on holiday with someone and had a great time, i came back got horribly depressed and stupidly thought a good way to pull myself out of it would be to go and meet them again as they were there for a month. So i go back a week later and she barely talked to me i explain that im not eating/sleeping and that im NOT in love with her i just really enjoy her company, then when i get home again i email her and no reply so i totally freak out and have to go to the doctor whos put me on sleeping and anti depressant meds. I emailed her again explaining that im getting help to simply get the reply 'I dont give a fuck' i dont really want to throw a 8 year friendship away and it wasnt the me shes known for 8 years that went over the second time i was sleep deprived and my head was confused so ive no idea what i did to piss her off, shes not accepting a general apology.

    Its hard to work problems out with someone whos not talking.

    I guess im just wondering how long to leave it before i should email/call her im thinking to just leave it the full month until shes back home but we dont live locally so i cant really go around and talk to her in person.
  2. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    You could try to e-mail her one more time asking her what you have done that warrants he reaction. Explain to her that you want to remain friends as you have been in the past. If you do not hear back from her then give her time. Let her make the next step. Maybe she will have time to get things sorted out in her mind.
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