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I Can't Get Enough

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I'm hungry. All the time.

I just keep eating, and eating, and eating... My mom keeps telling me I could lose a few pounds.. Then she'll stare at my stomach with this longing look for it to like, shrink a bajillion sizes.....

And then I eat some more, and more, and more.... I eat until I feel sick. I don't work it off, just eat more.

Well as of late today, I'm sick of eating and looking gross. She's right. I need to lose the weight because I'm fat and ugly.

So here goes nothing. I'm done eating. This food isn't helping me any. It's just making me sick, both physically and emotionally.

After working out for three hours tonight, after having not worked out in a good while, I'm kind of excited to see change... But then again my friend thinks I'm going to flip back to being an annorexic-bulemic. I think she's crazy. If she'd look at me, I'm a fat cow who clearly needs to be cut down to size.

Of course, I don't wanna die from losing weight. I just need to lose it and fast.

Any thoughts/comments?? All appreciated :hug:


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innocencexisxlove, I wish you the best of luck, resolve, courage, and wishes while you try to lose weight. Sometimes it can take a while so please don't expect overnight results. :hug:

Now get to them feet and do the chicken dance. :sparkle: It will be good fun exercise. :)


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Don't starve!!! Starving causes metabolic rate to drop making it even harder to lose weight.
Then if you do manage to shift it, it all just piles back on.
Get a diet sheet from your doc, or join weight watchers.
Then you will lose the weight in a sensible and timely fashion and are more likely to keep it off.


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Best suggestion I have is to set a reasonable calorie goal by finding your BMR and excercise about a half hour 4 or 5 times a week.
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