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    damn i was recovering and i went to class......i wasn't feeling good because my stomach felt like its notting so i put my head down. my bitch teacher(she fucking rips on me, 2 other boys, and 1 girl. 3:1 THAT'S A FUCKING SEXIST BITCH X.X) comes up to me and pokes me and says "no sleeping in my class" and i lift up my head and say "my bad" and put it down again. she sends me to the discipline office and requests a parent conference x.x at this point i was enraged enough to kill people with out caring about the consequences and what people would think and say. Now after school i tell my dad(big mistake) and he gets pissed and blows everything back in face making me feel worthless than nothing and a disgrace to life, the male gender, and his name and i was 1 inch from slitting my own throat a few hours ago.....i was crying so hard i couldn't see straight for a whole hour....the only reason i didn't was because of my mom who talked me out of it......for now. Every damn day i am reminded of how rotten life is and further makes me consider ending my life to escape this hell whole.....i shouldn't have came here and wasted your time............
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    thank you for all the support X.X
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    Hey Shifter,

    I'm sorry to hear that. Your dad shouldn't have said those things to you, he was mad,probably didn't mean it,we all say and do things we regret ,I think the best thing you can do is just put yesterday behind you and make a fresh start today :) School is tough but it doesn't last forever.
    Keep talking to us if it helps :arms:
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    thank you for that ^^