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I cant go on

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I feel that nothing i do is any good and that no one would even miss me if i was gone i goto bed every day hoping that i dont wake up i am at the point where i think i will have to do something to make sure.
Do something you can be proud of.

Do some brainstorming. Write a list of 10 things you'd really like to either do or be able to do (like a skill), and pick one to practice.

Personally, I can roll a coin across my knuckles. (Ever see Pirates of the Caribbean? That thing that Jack does with the gold coin on his skeletal fingers near the end of the film? That's what I'm talking about, only faster and for prolonged periods of time.)

I know it's a pretty useless skill to have, but it helped me out when I was in a bad situation. Plus, it impresses people and starts conversations.

If you absolutely can't think of anything, my recommendation would be training to run a marathon (harder and more rewarding than the coin thing). Run a couple miles, and I can guarantee you'll feel amazing afterwards. (Obviously if you have any health problems, you should consult a doctor before attempting anything like this, or it could defeat the purpose.)

Good luck.
Do something you can be proud of.

Do some brainstorming. Write a list of 10 things you'd really like to either do or be able to do (like a skill), and pick one to practice.

Exactly. Though I'd like a short biography of @idontno06 please. Are you a male or female? How old? What part of the world do you live in? Could you please give a rough sketch of what sort of person you are, any interests are hobbies, that sort of thing. Living condition, with family, alone, single, divoriced, gay, income? I'd also like to know if you are a cripple or fit or fat or very slim? Hair and eye color? Is your complexion clear, what tone of skin do you have, is your nose more flat or pointed? How is your diet, please post what you eat on an average day and how much. What sort of clothes and what sort of style do you dress in. Do you care for music, if so, what sort of music? You can just go ahead and paste this paragraph into your next post with your answers. I'd prefer you not kill yourself until after your reply. Thanks.


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i'm not sure if nothing you do is any good, but i do know, that if you have just one person in your life, you will be missed. this is a given.
the real question is--- will you miss you?
i am male. 27 years old. live in Austrila. single. live alone. middle income. sandy blone hair blue eyes white skin and clear complexion. pets 1 dog 10 fish and 1 Snake. dont care much about music will listen to it if its on. i like computers but no very good at them. i would be lucky to eat once every 2 days and about as much as you cant fit on a bread plate. normal build not overweight or under. any clothes dose not bother me.
I hope that lets you no a bit about me Gorgias.


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Hey idk (I know I'm lazy :tongue:)

Hang in there please, and just listen to what other people are saying, we all really care about you and want you to get through this.

Hang in there and I'll give you some marshmellow pizza. :smile:

Jesus man, you sound just about like my twin. Though I haven't any pets. But same same, body build, age (give or take a couple years), don't care about music, don't have any exact style beyond non-descript, that's my style, non-descript. Computers interesting, but no wizz, don't eat much, white, blondish hair, blue eyes.

I'm not Mr. Happy myself, (I'm on a suicide-forum right), but I'm not suicidal at this moment. A while back I read Tony Robbins (the motivational guru), although his books are rather phoney, I think what he's saying boils down to pop-existentialism, which ought to be palatable to any twenty-something morbid-bloke. One thing that stuck out that Tony said was "copy others to get the same result." Rather than me telling you 'people do care about you and will miss you' because of course excepting your mom, if she's still alive, no one will care when you're gone, and that's the truth.

I left the Anglo-colony I grew up in and went to Asia four years ago. Traveled to various dangerous places, used drugs and hookers and tore around on a motorcycle (which I sold yesterday, cause I'm leaving this country soon for a six month back-pack trip that will (insh'allah) end in Central Asia. The point is, once you see that your life is worth nothing and can be thrown away, that's when you're really free. You can now do all the shit that a more cautious person wouldn't. For one, get out of the first-world, it's tight and lawful and no wonder you don't want to live there. Or, how about the out-back, that would be a little closer? Also, you need to take some big risks, that's what makes you feel alive. Sometimes you loose; I had amoebic colitis for almost a year and couldn't get any treatment for it; not very pleasant let me tell you. I've also collected a few nasty STDs, but nothing that wasn't possible to treat --at least so far. I've had three motorcycle crashes too --that was very exciting. Also been mugged in the south of Morocco (that wasn't very fun, I was scared shitless).

Anyway, I'll keep my eyes peeled for any more of your posts. If you can, I'd love a travel partner for some more sketchy places in the spring time, if you're reckless enough, perhaps we can meet in Istanbul or something in May or June and head into Georgia, Armenia and Iran. That's sort of my plan right now but I'm pretty nervous about going alone. Heck if I had someone to go with, we could check out Beruit too. Be in touch. (Shouldn't cost too much except for the flight out of Oz.)

(EDIT: Don't worry about girls dude. We can get you a hot-ass-chick in Romania.)
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