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  1. Toki Wartooth Lover

    Toki Wartooth Lover Well-Known Member

    So jaa, stuff has been happening on the forum that's gotten me a bit down, then there's this family issue that is going on. Trouble with the band, my old buddy coming down from Finland.. trouble with my girlfriend...

    The family issues- my dad might be going back to jail.
    He's been "guilty" for "rape" against me. Story behind that: me and him were play fighting like the retards we are. (Ok, comon give me a break, I haven't seen my dad since I was like what? 5? Play fighting was fun...) So, we're fighting it off, I didn't realize that his annoying neighbors where outside listening to us like creepers.
    I say "dad! Stop tickling me!! it doesn't feel good!! STOP!!! IT HURTS!!!" (his nails are really sharp and it was digging into me) I yelled the last part and the neighbors called the police... he was sent to court and now he might be going back to jail for a crime that he didn't commit.
    Yay! Another 7 years without my dad

    Then there is something going on with my uncle.
    His back has been acting up again and we haven't been able to get in touch with him...
    It's really starting to worry us.

    AND my aunt went to Mexico about 3 months ago..
    We haven't heard from her since...

    Trouble with the band
    - I move from Canada to Finland ever like 2 years. my band is mostly in New York. I can only contact the vocalist. AND that is only via text message. Sometimes through MSN, but that isn't very likely. If I keep moving around like this, I'm going to potentially break us up.
    They said that if I'm clean from my Cocaine addiction then they wont put me on bass.
    Good news about the band though; they've FINALLY stuck me on lead. :cool:

    Buddy from Finland + my girlfriend
    - My old boyfriend from Finland came down. We still have huge feelings for each other. We were planning to have sex the day I moved. But my grandparents almost caught us so we didn't.
    He came down yesterday and we ending up doing it. (it was unprotected because it was the spur of the moment) I don't know if I should tell Misty and fuck up this relation.. or bear a burden and keep it secret. I mean, I love Misty, I'd never keep a secret from her but.. I don't know.. this seems like something that you might. :unsure:

    Pardon my language in this thread...
    I'm feeling really suicidal right now.. I don't know what to do... I'm so confused..
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  2. Azumi

    Azumi Well-Known Member

    Oh hunny :hug: I hope that you hear about your aunt and your uncle. Did you tell the police that your father didn't do what the neighbors had said? I hope that he doesn't go to jail for you sake. You seem to miss your father and want him around. I hope that your band and you can work something out, it seems to me that your band is very important to you...and you're extremely excited about being lead. :) Congrats on that. Now with the last thing that's bothering you. Ultimately it is your decision. I personally would not be able to keep a secret like that, because of a concisious that would eat me up. I don't know Misty only you do, but do you think that she might be a little understanding? I'm on MSN as well if you would like to contact me on there. I'll be here for you, just please don't do something that you might later regret. :Hug:
  3. Toki Wartooth Lover

    Toki Wartooth Lover Well-Known Member

    :hug: You're a wonder worker!!! As soon as I read "I hope you hear from your aunt" she called!! :D I did tell the police, but they don't believe me cause I'm just a "kid". I really do miss him. We're in a 5 way text conversation, it's working out, but I need to pull a LOT of strings. Yeah, I'm a bit scared about telling Misty. I mean, yeah, I know she's dating a guy and me, but I went all the way with an ol' buddy.. I'll try not to. thank you.. :hug:. I'll PM you my MSN.
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