i cant live anymore

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Hey silentlyscreaming,

Tell us more about what's going on for you right now. Sounds like things are pretty intense for you - hope you let us know what is happening!

Take care!


no friends other than on this site
no love from anyone
no social life
no point in living
i hate having to be fake to get anyone to even talk to me
theres no way around it and i dont want to live anymore
life sucks

Twisted F

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Are you sure you want to use such a permanent solution to something that could very well be temporary? You could meet someone tomorrow that will appreciate you the way you are. Maybe someone who has the same problems you do and need your help. I know it's tough now, but things can turn around in a heartbeat.

I hope you hang in there.

"dont say goodbye..we need you and love you" - Silentlyscreaming. Very well said, if you ask me.
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