I can't live in this

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  1. I can not live in a country with legalized open air drug use. Not happening. What the hell is going on??
  2. JmpMster

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    It is not legal where you are ....
  3. Which doesn't matter at all, does it? And how do you know it's not legal where I am?

    They're not going to stop pushing until it's legal everywhere.

    "Timmy, can I play at your house? Mommy's stoned again."

    There is NO way to make that look normal.

    They don't stop for the law, their families, or their own kids--that's addiction. We're changing laws to suit drug addicts.

    The day after election results were announced, some guy's smoking a blunt at my bus stop in a state where it is supposedly not legal yet. Mob rules, huh?
    This law (which is illegal since it was not changed at the federal level first) was passed last November, and in those seven months, Colorado has broken it twice--tens of thousands of addicts sucking on blunts in the street in public. Supposedly, that law did NOT make it legal to use the drug in public. The most recent time, they took over Denver--tens of thousands is what the news stories said. They turned their streets over to addicts. Guess Colorado kids are screwed.

    This is going to be the reason I kill myself. I can't live in moral squalor and I can't be a hostage in my own house. I'm just here to pay taxes I guess.
  4. fatloser

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    I'm sorry, but this has to be one of the most ignorant statements made. For starters, cannabis is not a drug, it's a plant. And if you actually took a second and did some research, you would see that cannabis is very effective in treating illnesses from Cancer, Aids, Parkinson's disease, MS down to Crohn's disease, anxiety, IBS and depression and many more diseases. Stop believing the lies told by the government and actually think for yourself, and do some research. Go talk to people who suffer from the illnesses I mentioned, and ask them how cannabis has helped them in their everyday lives. If that guy had lit up a cigar, would you be as butthurt as you sound in your statement, even though 2nd hand smoke can kill? Not a single person has ever died from the consumption or 2nd hand smoke of cannabis. Don't believe me? look it up. It really annoys me that there are still puppets like yourself out there that believe the lies told about cannabis. Moral Squalor? Please. The only Moral Squalor happening is the lies told by the government and the pharmaceutical industry to make cannabis illegal, only because it can be grown and you can't patent a plant, plus there's not as much money to be made in a cure. I won't even get started on your other ignorant statement about calling cannabis users addicts. You can't get addicted to cannabis, sorry. The ignorance in your statement is just amazing to me.
  5. total eclipse

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    You can get addictive behaviors from cannabis. from a family of drug users the side effects of cannabis are there and it has destroyed many dreams. It is an inhibitor It is used for very ill people to ease t heir pain rightly so but to say you cannot get addicted and it has no ill affect that statement is very ignorant It has taken so many dreams away from people and have destroyed so many lives you are the one in denial here you are.
  6. Theodora

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    Almost as amazing as your ignorance and rudeness. All plants contain chemicals also called drugs. Foxgloves contain digitalis for instance. Caffeine and theobromine come from plants.
  7. JmpMster

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    Cannabis is absolutely a drug. Like any other strong drug any use it does get should be based on medical professionals - since 90% of its use is not it is referred to as "recreational" - a recreation that hurts and kills millions and ruins the lives of millions who are convinced that there is nothing wrong with spending there incomes, and wasting their days smoking it to the exclusion of other things. Much like alcohol, its benefits are more often than not outweighed by the detractors.

    original poster - I understand frustrations at beliefs and attitudes that may differ from our own - but that is not the best way to make a difference. It sounds like you could make an excellent advocate to promote your values to others rather than give up on them as impossible....
  8. They're all plants. Cocaine is a plant. All drugs come from plants.

    Weed, contrary to popular belief, is not a wonder drug, and it's not a legitimate drug at all. Hence all the worthless druggie eye-rolling scum sitting around in their mothers' basements sucking on bongs. It's idiocy. The government isn't telling you lies just to keep druggie trash from sitting around getting high.

    Sick of all these same lies all over the internet.

    Moral squalor. We're people incapable of emotional depth or moral response. Get off the drugs. And it's particularly ignorant to send posters in here (it's a suicide forum) private messages calling them morons. I reported it.

    You're addicted. Doesn't matter what drug you're getting high on. Drugs are drugs, high is high, and trash is trash. This country is worthless moral squalor.
  9. Yes, thank you, they are all from plants. What medicine or illegal drug doesn't come from a plant? And they're all processed, just to varying degrees--including weed. Thank you for posting that. I'm about tired of being the only one trying to explain common sense to people pushing this drug down everyone's throats.
  10. Thank you. You can always tell what kind of person you're dealing with when they consider sitting around getting high to be 'recreation.' I'm sick of that term too. Getting high is not legitimate recreation. Sporting events, movies, the theater, concerts--these are legitimate forms of recreation. This generation scares the daylights out of me.

    And I keep hearing about second-hand smoke from cigarettes. Weed also has second-hand smoke, and it has the added effect of getting other people high. It's called a contact high. Lovely. Not only does this garbage produce a rancid stench, but how do you control who's getting high? Does it ever occur to these losers that not everyone wants to get stoned?

    And human lungs are not designed to respirate smoke of any kind, so pot smokers are smokers every bit in the same league as cigarette smokers, and get lung cancer and emphysema the same as every other smoker.

    They're trying to pass themselves off as being better than druggies and better than smokers. Unfortunately, potheads are both druggies and smokers.

    Not falling for it. I can't imagine just how impaired someone has to be in order to fall for the garbage they're circulating. Drugs are caustic to societies and families.

    I cannot live in this.
  11. pickwithaustin

    pickwithaustin Staff Alumni

    While I do not support the uses of drugs for anything other than medical purpose, I'm confused as to how the legalization of marijuana really affects you to such an extreme as to have you say you "cannot live in this." Too often people focus on everything around them while neglecting their own self wellness, goals, aspirations, and activities. Move on from it and do not make friends or associate with people who use drugs improperly. It's as easy as that. What about alcohol? It's legal but surely many people abuse it and I don't like to be around drunks and let's hope they stay away from driving while intoxicated too. My solution to not liking people who abuse alcohol is to either avoid them and not make them my friends or associates, or if it is someone that I know and care about... then my solution is to try to work with them so that they can conquer their addiction.

    Cigarette smoking, in my city, is almost banned. Well it's not really banned, but you can't smoke in most public places and surely not inside any publicly accessible buildings or establishments. If it ever were to come about that marijuana became legal here for any reasons other than medical, then I am absolutely certain that the same smoking regulations would apply. I'll be exposed to no second hand toke. :)

    So many things in life to work toward to better ourselves and our communities, I should think. But if this issue is that pressing, I'd be curious to know what forms of organized and legitimate activist volunteering you do to try to help resolve the issues that you say are oh so detrimental. When we see something wrong in our society, it's easy to say we cannot stand it... but a bit more difficult it seems to take a formal stand and to work toward proper solutions.
  12. fatloser

    fatloser Banned Member

    lol, not one person has died from cannabis use. You're wrong on that one. Cigarettes, alcohol, prescription drugs, even caffeine has killed. Get your facts straight.
  13. fatloser

    fatloser Banned Member

    Again, you're wrong. The only way it has destroyed any lives, is due to the law. People who smoke weed aren't the type of user like someone who smokes crack, meth, or does heroin or other hard drugs. Hard drug users are the ones who become addicted, and get involved in other types of crimes to help support those habbits. Weed, not so much. And yes, weed has been proven to be a wonder drug due to all the ailments it can treat. You all have no idea what you are talking about, because you are on the outside looking in. Go talk to cannabis users who use it for medical purposes, before you form an opinion on how effect it can be for treating many serious illnesses.
  14. fatloser

    fatloser Banned Member

    Once again, you don't know what you are talking about. Go talk to cannabis users who use it for medical purposes and ask how effective it is in treating their ailment. Parkinsons, AIDS, MS, Cancer, Crohn's disease, Depression, anxiety, Arthritis, etc have all be treated by cannabis, effectively. You're nothing but a drama queen, lol. Threatening to kill yourself if a "drug" is passed you obviously have no idea about.
  15. meaningless-vessel

    meaningless-vessel Well-Known Member

    I think there's a lot of differing opinions regarding what cannabis does, and how it affects people.

    I also honestly do not think it is right to slate someone for having a differing view. Just simply because you can back up your information with individual medical responses, there still lies the recreational usage. This can stimulate hunger in some, paving the way to lead to an eating disorder or obesity if acted upon incorrectly - just as one counter-balance to your reasoning.

    In terms of cannabis not being addictive, it can have multiple side effects just like any other plant/drug/food.
  16. Theodora

    Theodora Well-Known Member

    Getmeouttahere. What is your crisis? That is what this particular part of this site is for after all. I refuse to believe that the use or misuse of cannabis by others has driven you to despair. I am not doubting the depths of your unhappiness. Let's get real though.
  17. So you've determined I don't have a valid reason to be in crisis??

    That's how bad the drug problem is in this garbage country. Yes, this is EXACTLY the reason I'm in crisis.

    <mod edit > You CAN get addicted to pot just like any other drug. If you can't stop using it, you're addicted. <mod edit>

    My problem is exactly what I said it was--I can't live in moral squalor. This country is a toilet.

    Can't get addicted to pot?? Addiction only occurs at a chemical level? That's going to come as a great surprise to the MILLIONS of people addicted to gambling, sex, and porn. Your claim is bs, and evidence of profound stupidity. If it is a COMPULSION or OBSESSION, it is an ADDICTION. Druggies are addicts--doesn't matter whether they're addicted to pot, coke, crack, meth, spray paint, glue, or antifreeze. <mod edit>.
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  18. Theodora

    Theodora Well-Known Member

    I'm determined you do have a valid reason to be in crisis. I don't accept that it's caused by generalised drug use. By your own or someone close to you yes.
  19. paulhewson

    paulhewson Well-Known Member

    ..."The most recent time, they took over Denver--tens of thousands is what the news stories said. They turned their streets over to addicts."...

    What news stories? I'm guessing you watch FOX News.

    And you're making it sound like the zombie apocalypse. I'm sure the streets aren't being overrun by mobs of drug addicts.
  20. Witty_Sarcasm

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    I understand that this is really upsetting you, but is it really worth ending your life over it? There are things in the world I don't agree with, and if someone does something I don't like, I try not to let it affect me. There are some downright awful and evil things that happen in the world, so pot smoking is small when compared to these things, if you look at it that way. I'm sorry you are upset, but try to block it out or avoid people who are doing this so it doesn't bother you.
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