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"I can't live with myself any more" and an invitation to true freedom and peace

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by PeaceBeing, Apr 6, 2014.

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  1. PeaceBeing

    PeaceBeing New Member

    Neither "I" nor "myself" in "I can't live with myself anymore" is the Real You. The Real You observes this. Don't belive it. See it through your own experience...

    The biggest assumption or preassumption in our human world is "I am the body, which has a mind". The Real You is aware of this...

    The grace of experiencing life through a human form gives us the opportunity to realize the Truth of Life - to truly see the Real You, which is always free and in peace...


    An Invitation to True Freedom and Peace
    (direct experience via self inquiry - yes, it is possible for everyone!)

    Whatever you see, hear, feel, think or do, you are aware of it. What is that which is aware? The true answer to this question leads to true freedom and peace...

    The mind is used to answers with form objects, including thought forms, but the true answer to this question is formless and it cannot be conceptual.

    Also, the mind has a tendency to move outward for answers, even to the question "who am I really". It would even turn it into an objective question although clearly "I" is the subject. The most common assumption is "I am the body which has a mind". By moving outwardly, the mind forms thoughts and beliefs about who you are by projections from others' mind and your own mind. What or who is aware of all this?

    You may sense "I am not just the body or mind". Hence imagination of what "I" might be in the spiritual world arises, and this "I" then appear to be somewhere out there. Again, What or who is aware of all this?

    Human's deepest yearning is true freedom and peace - free from limitations and free from feeling unsatisfied. The body is time bound. The mind builds up all kinds of stories around its believed identities. However, no thought or imagination out of the conditioned (limited) mind can bring true freedom or peace, because the stories, thoughts and imaginations are all limited and impermanent. They all come and go; or they all are born, and then die.

    The good news is: you are aware of all this. Actually, you are the awareness - life itself. You can intuitively sense this. The body or mind cannot be without the awareness. The thoughts or beliefs cannot stop you from being the awareness, but they can block its realization.

    Self inquiry will inevitably exhaust the conditioned mind. Anything can be perceived as an object, including thoughts, feelings, emotions or phenomenons, cannot be you as you are the one who is aware all of them. When the mind eventually stops its attempt to come up with any conceptual answers to the question "who am I or what am I" (which may feel like the death of the mind), the grace for the awareness to reveal itself by direct recognition may come.

    When the true answer to the question "what is that which is aware" is revealed or recognized through direct experience, it is seen that the awareness itself does not come and go. It is not born and it cannot die. The awareness is always present. It is beyond space and time. It is untouchable and unchanging. It is perfectly innocent. It is limitless and timeless...

    May you find true freedom and peace!

    "Who Are You Really?" by Gangaji at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUtH0DDJorM

    "Awareness is not an Option, It is You" by Mooji (free live satsang - dialogues with truth seekers) at
  2. youRprecious!

    youRprecious! Antiquities Friend

    Thank you PeaceBeing - I am all into this (out of necessity) in the journey of discovering the Real Self :) Welcome to SF, hope you continue to post your wisdom :)
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