i cant live

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i cant live, i lack the skillset. ive blown my oppertunities and there is no improvement. i got my ged after 21 years and hoped things would change, i was just too late. since i was 17 i died there is nothing to live for anymore my chances are blown every once in a while yeah i think i get plans yeah i should and get all excited but i never follow through, i cant break the habit, im unsuitable to live and want to be dead

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you can with help hun get things turned around get councilling a social worker someone to help you see things can get better and will just need guidance.
help takes weeks. im afraid of contacting help because it will leak out, i dont trust them. the thing is i just dont know how to reach help, i suck at it. i live at multiple addresses. i dont even know what doctor i have. if i just attempt i can either die or see who helps, maybe then ill find help. oh what the hell am i saying i feel so stupid
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There are some support hot-lines I think that may benefit you. Maybe even help you a bit. Have you tried any of those?

Hope you are OK. Take care and get the help you need. :hug:


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I am so sorry things have taken a turn again...please PM me and let me know what is going on and how I can express my caring and be there for you...as always, J
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