I can't make everyone happy.

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    Soo.. Only a week ago I got together with my current boyfriend; & We've known each other for over a month. Honestly, I'm not one to 'fall in love fast'; but, I really think I am. Neither of us have been this happy in a really long time, we both admitted it. He's one of my best friends; he's one of the two people I can really be open with, & It makes me happy he can be just as open with me. He's also telling me how I make him happy, etc. It's literally, I dunno'; Just a one-hundred percent amazing feeling. He's one of those people.. Where you just talk to them; & The rest of the world seems so insignificant, even if only for a little while; the problems all just seem to disappear.
    Anyways.. It all started out with me fake dating him, to get his crazy ex off his back. My friend who at the time, didn't even like him anymore; Started saying how she liked him & loved him again, when him & I had only fake dated. Then him & I , BOTH started developing strong feelings; ones neither of us expected or were ready for. We had our fake-break-breakup, & the next day; thanks to her big mouth, we found out we liked each other. He liked her too though.. So, there starts the little lovetriangle thing. For awhile, he said he couldn't just pick one of us; [Later on, I did learn he wanted to pick me without it being hard on her.. Ya' know? 'cause he is a good guy.]
    ANYWAYS. Throughout that whole ordeal; She went back & forth between wanting him & not wanting him, liking him & not liking him; loving him & not. etcetc. While I was there, liking him throughout the whole time; thinking of his happiness, letting him decide as he felt was right for him; being there for him through the many rough points he had before that triangle; during, etc. But, yeah, it was like some huge dramatic rollercoaster, that seemed to have her pushing it along.
    Well, to skip ahead; She started dating an ex of hers again. Her choice, no one forced her to; no one asked her to. She's been saying she's in love with him, he's all she needs, etcetc. It was a few days after, &I won't go into it, because I'm lazy; but he asked me out in a cute way. xD
    &Since then she's been saying how she only went out with her current boyfriend, yes she's been telling ME; even after she says it'd upset me probably, she doesn't want to worry about it, & after I say I don't want to know; How she only got with him for me to have a chance with my boyfriend. Then she tells my boyfriend today, she only got with him to end the triangle & it killed her to have us get together. She's been telling me how she's jealous, how it kills her to see us together; Then there's how she 'hates' him, yet she keeps talking to him. & Today , she said she didn't hate him; when he heard from not just me, but SEVERAL other people that she hated him, that she couldn't stand seeing/talking to him anymore. She told me she wanted to leave, she told me she only cared about her boyfriend now; which broke MY heart. & then she turns around & acts as if everything is okay. So, basically; One second she hates him, then she loves him & is insanely jealous. I don't believe you can love two people at once, I do believe if anything what she's been feeling is powered by jealousy & selfishness; because she doesn't have him.
    I wish I could make her happy, I do.
    But, I also have an ex of mine still in love with me; I won't even start to get into that. But, basically, it's close to the same situation.. Yet, not. If that makes sense? Except, he's just not really talking to me & seems more upset & irritated; he hasn't been a rollercoaster about it; back&forth.
    I don't want to lose either of them as friends.
    I wish I could make them both happy, I do.
    But, honestly; if she starts crap again, which I know she will, I know I'll snap. & I believe I have every right to at this point.. Don't I? Because, it even upset him yesterday; got him all aoduhasukdhas, which killed me inside. I hate seeing him like that, which is why I didn't even bring it up to him. If I could, I'd take every ounce of pain&hurt I could for him. Lmfaomushy. o__e;
    I just, I can't make everyone happy in this situation.
    & this point, I kinda' don't care to.
    for one of the VERYVERY few times, I am going to be selfish; & just try to make him happy.
    I feel bad, kinda' , that they're jealous & upset; but, they made their choices, we made ours. I'm going to stick by him through this, & I know he's going to stick by me.

    Had to let all that out.
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    I hope true love wins out here as long as everyone is open about what is going on then let nature take it course.