I Can't Make It..

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by ScorchedInBlack, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. ScorchedInBlack

    ScorchedInBlack Active Member

    I can't take this anymore..its just all too much
    I can't deal with all of this pain alone,
    everyone says that they care but no one is doing anything
    I'm going to try for good this time to finally die...
    nothing simple like pills and nothing drastic like fire
    something that I know will work
    that will make this go away
    because I can't take it.

    This mix of feelings that I have sadness,anger,guilt,
    regret and lonliness to name of few
    have drug me down too far
    I've hit rock bottom
    I got kicked out of a troubled teens school
    before school started

    There's nothing left for me anymore
    I had to watch all my hopes and dreams of
    a better life burn
    and all I could do was choke out
    a bitter laugh
    because its either laughing or crying and
    I am sick and tired of crying.

    I know that this is probably against board
    rules but I need to talk
    someone please have pity
    please help me understand...

    please do something because I can't
    I just fucking can't anymore.

    if you really care call me: 1-812-591-3936
    ask for Courtney
    if you're lucky I might still be able to answer.

    If this is my last day on the board I love you guys
    all of you..even the ones I haven't met yet
    it took courage to get this far
    you don't have to go out like me
    this isn't the end of your road
    just stay strong..for you and no one else. :hug:
  2. jane doe

    jane doe Well-Known Member

    i care not because i love you, but because you need help.i can`t call you because i live in Argentina and i can`t afford that, but i can reed you if you need to let it all out. if you want to kill yourself , think very well in what you are doing. trying to look for someone to stop you, means that you don`t really want to do it, calm down, relax a little bit and tal me about it.
    let`s fight the urge together
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