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I can't sleep...at all, I'm losing it.

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Princeofhope, Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. Princeofhope

    Princeofhope Well-Known Member

    I haven't been able to sleep at all for a long time, I'm located in Tokyo and I'm going crazy. I've been here for about a year. I'm seriously losing sleep.

    I normally sleep about two hours a day, and it's putting a damer on everything. I dream of really fucked up things.

    A few weeks ago I dreampt that I killed everyone in a space station, I broke apart glass and I watched them all in a vacume. I watched myself fall down from the sky on more an one night...I only forced myself to hover over the ground just once.

    It's like I lost all feelings, I'm seriously loosing sleep...a lot. I'm afraid I'll end up being a murder, it's all I've been dreaming about. I dunno what to do.

    Help me, please...
  2. winter

    winter Well-Known Member

    First off, why are you losing sleep?
  3. Hey, you should see the doctor about these dreams.
    I am sure your not going to be a murderer, just you need some help right now.

    Try listening to calm music before you go to bed or watch something like a children's cartoon.

  4. samanalea

    samanalea Member

    take a hot shower before you go to bed. shower the part of your neck where the bone sticks out when you put your head down. make sure your feed are really warm (maybe put a hot water bottle to your feet) because biologically you won´t fall asleep before they are. room temperature shouldn´t be over 15°C, acctually rather a bit less. make sure you got fresh air in your room when you go to bed.

    i have been suffering from severe sleep disorder for years. these are the things which help me best.

    hope i was some help...
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