I can't stand it any more

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  1. GS9

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    i have plans of ending my life, my sister is a slut who fucks everyone and acts like she is god (she always smokes weed and gets drunk) im tired im tired of it all, i walk to work now because my mom and sister fucked up my car

    The walk takes 2 and a half hours, 5-6hrs a day im walking
    my mom and sister aren't looking for a job so the pressure is on me

    there is s too much pain and loneliness to even want to live anymore

    My plans are simple a quick painless death with a rifle

    though i still have some will to live left so i might not commit suicide till the will is fully gone

    FAO sucks when im dieing to talk...

    im still in the process of making a will
  2. GS9

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    amazing how much better i feel now
  3. tainted-angel

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    Im glad you felt better after lettin that out...

    But why now leave home?
    Let them deal with it themselves...
    ...You shouldnt have to pic up their pieces as well as your own!!

  4. WildCherry

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    Can you move out? Sounds like they're just bringing you down.

    You can PM me if you ever feel like talking or venting.