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I can't stand it anymore

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I can't stand to be alive anymore. My family is always fighting, I'm a single male without a job and not in college. I have nobody near me I can lean on. The only thing I really enjoyed was my writing and I have ten of them but my stories get little attention and one which I put two months of effort in was just ripped by a very negative review saying tons of mistakes and nothing positive. My life is a failure and I can't stand it anymore.

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Sorry you are living in such a toxic environment hun Somehow you have to get a part time job and move out and start living your own life. hugs
Hi Bobby. Is there anyone you can talk to in person about this? Is there any way you could get more involved with your writing talent? One bad review neither makes nor breaks a piece...in fact if the critique is constructive it can be very helpful regardless.



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Hey I hear you - I'm single - not in college - but I'm 47 so WTF?

Hey - I'm only bringing some humour as maybe we can bond as males - as men! - like share our woes and troubles.

Not to make light of what you feel right now - but your very young - I recall being very young and in some ways I'm still 17 - but if dated a 17 yr old her dad would rightfully kill me first and ask questions via a spiritualist.

As for family fighting me and my bro had epic fights - my sister joined in coming back from the pub minus a man - we would wind her up and -whoa! - she goes for the knives! Hell some drunk women do that - but me and my bro laughed and went back to fighting each other.

Seriously though - parents fighting is bad - I was lucky and my dad never had a fight with my mother and only the odd domestic - likely pleading the case for more sex off a Catholic - I know the feeling!

But thing is - you will move out one day - have our own home - odds are with a women and a few kids. you will be the man who oversees a peaceful house - one in which laughter not tears are the defining feature - one in which arguments are actually talking - communicating - but of course - the more you share the less you argue.

Well - as for writing - I'm like the Zen Master of writing and dealing with people putting me down - and wanting me to go to jail!

Hell yes!

But the thing is - for anyone aspiring to be a writer - is to NEVER let criticism get you down. Some criticism is excellent, I mean I remember my English teacher years back and he told me that I could make people laugh or cry - but I'd be paid for making them laugh more easily.

Hey - as a young writer - you change so fast - like every day you get better - and if you look at stuff you wrote two years ago - do you accept your getting better at your craft? Of course you are!

So humour is always part of what I have to say - it makes people able to deal with things more easily IF they do not take everything seriously all the time.

But writing - we got to love that - nurture it and NEVER let anyone put you down for it. Accept that EVERY great writer has been berated at some time and everyone who is talented will be berated and ridiculed.

I've been ridiculed, berated, threatened with the law - actually had the law onto me! Threatened with violence - threatened with this and that - a parade of people literally a wimp-out cry-a-thon of people crying and sobbing over something I mentioned in passing.

So keep writing my man! Let the critics be damned - if they were so hot on writing why are they employed to whine about other people's writing?

And - post your stories up here perhaps - or make one up for us - I'll keep an eye out - hope its good - include me as the heroic man who saves a child with one hand, grabs the women out way of the passing stolen car with the other and kicks a mugger - whilst talking on the phone and writing an email on the blackberry.

Good luck matey! Me and you - will make the critics line up to kiss our asses one day! I'm sitting on my ass right now writing - not a novel - but either way - I'm not even going to let them kiss it! I'll let them line up and punch them all - I mean a friendly gut punch - like what some men do.

As for women critics - cannot ever hit a woman - but maybe you can remark on how brave they are for venturing out with that haircut - pass the regards to the blind hairdresser - I mean, surely - they must be blind!

That will work - they won't like something they worked hard on being criticised.

Keep writing - listen to advice but generally tell most people to go forth and multiply with themselves - if such feat is possible! Medical science- who knows? Pregnant men - now that would be depressing.

They would whine so much it would be actually a good idea to capture the hot air to heat the average home.

Some use out of us eh?

But - forget that - just write - even if you burn most of it - which I done.

now we got laptops, digital - no need for pen and paper - but actually - always use that also.

When going into a hotel room - I always ask for paper.

Time was we used to write to people - letters meant something. a girl sent a letter - it WAS something - and the stuff you wrote - 500 words in a petition of kind - a plea for the heart to be won - and the kiss on the address - sealed with a loving kiss! - Ah, - and now what do we get? Emails - cybersex, porn and - sigh - not much romance!!

Writing a love letter - who does that these days?

I miss letters!

I mean - handwriting - remember that sh**?

Well - all I get now is bills and letters from the government sobbing the rich white mans blues - tax demand - solicitors, but no love letters.

got to be a song there bro.

If we grab a song or use it in writing - its worth it - worth being kicked from one end of the UK to the other.

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Family fighting can be hard to deal with at times. I've threatened to throw a chair at my brother while my mother had to stand between us and hold him back. Toxic environments can be rough. This may sound cliché, but sometimes I find talking to them does help. In this world we call life, me and my family sometimes forget that we all have our own problems and talking through them can get a lot off our shoulders. I know it's hard, but if it's possible it's worth a try. I don't know if it is or not for you, but I figured I'd throw that out there.

As far as writing goes, I can relate. I'm a writer, too, and my greatest fear is rejection. It's part of the reason I'm so afraid of trying to become published. I've had to deal with critics, too, and some of them can be harsh. What matters about writing, though, is that it's what you feel. Even the successful authors deal with the critics. It is hard to just let it roll off your shoulders, but if you enjoy it, don't stop. I was on a writing forum once that was quite harsh. I was younger and my grammar wasn't top notch. The criticized it from the get. It bothered me then, but today, my grammar while writing has improved and I actually thank them for it. Now, there are some critics that are just plain mean and pick apart everything you write no matter what. The trick is picking them apart and ignoring the latter, but improving because of the former. Writers are tricky, really. I know that when someone criticises my writing that it feels like a personal attack because I write what I feel. Even my novels have large pieces of myself in them.

My advise may not be the best or anything, but I just wanted you to know that I read and attempt to throw that out there. I wish you the best.

ETA: I agree with peacelovingguy about using pen and paper. Writing on word is great and all, but there is no better feeling than when I write a novel freehand... It's like a feeling I cannot put into words. The closest I'll ever get to heaven or nirvana or whatever one like me would call it.
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