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i cant stand it anymore

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i hate my life! i hate my job, my apartment, i hate my ex for leaving for taking my kids for taking my tv! i hate the town i live in everywhere is a constant reminder of what i had. i dont know if i feel suicide is the only way out of this mess but its a top contender and i hate the fact i feel that way. i have kids i shouldnt be so selfish but i cant help it i need a change or im going to do something i shouldnt what do i do? please someone out there help me? i also hate how alone i am but im too afraid to meet people cause what if they notice how broken i am? the rejection would hurt more then never knowing right? i hate that im rambling in this post too but i just needed to get some stuff off my chest


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There seems to be a lot of things that have left you feeling worn down. Understandably. :hug: The good thing is that you have posted and let off some steam.

Give yourself some time to grieve. After a break up is a good time to really start looking after ourselves. It reminds us that we are worth caring about and others are less likely to view us as somehow "broken" if we look after and value valuing ourselves. :)

Hope to see you around the forums. Stay safe. :hug:

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Hi hun you are not alone now okay you can talk here anytime and we do understand Your children will always love YOU hun okay so please get some councilling some therapy that will teach you how to move forward okay hugs to you
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