i cant stand it

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    Im really pissed of everything, like everything i do i try to be so that people would understan that i have limits, i cant do anything because whenever i do anything either right or wrong, they say no its not wrong, you dont know how to do anything, i wanna scream, and cry and kick, i cant take it. its hard at school too. poeple are like really fucking annoying, talk all kinds of shit about me.i need some serious help. plz at least someadvice how to deal with this.
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    (repair) its wrong
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    Hello Oliver

    Welcome to the forum :welcome:

    Im sorry things are hard for you at the moment, hopefully it will get better.
    Do you have a counselor? Counseling may help you :hug: If you need to talk feel free to PM me :hug:
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    i dont want help, i dont need anything, i want peace, if theonly way to accomplish that is to commit suicide then...