I Can't Stand Living Anymore

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    I am turning 32 next month, I live with my Aunt and her Son, I am on Disability. I can not work due to my back acting up and keeping me from working, Had a bad car accident that broke my back 11 years ago and cost me 1 surgery and 2 years rehab and the woman who was soon to be the mother of my twin boys.

    All my life I have been Physically, Mentally, Emotionally abused by all of my family from age 5-28, From age 5-8 I was Sexually abused and molested by my Mom, Stepdad, Uncle.

    I never knew my real Dad till I was 24, Then he passed away 3 month's later, When I turned 25, I lost my Mom to suicide.

    I have no other Family, I have no Friend's, I have no Car, I have Extreme Add, Ocd, Bi-polar, Manic Depression, Suicidal Tendencies Avoidant Personality Disorder.

    For the past year I have been used by a woman for money and sex, she got money but not sex from me.

    All I want is to find a woman to be with and settle down with, make a family or complete hers.

    I have been battling weight since I was 5 years old, nothing I do will help. I carry the fat gene on both sides of my Family, Mom and Dad's.
    I am 576 lbs, I try everything out there nothing works, Even from Dr's.

    I am tired of being Single. Why won't any Woman Love me? It is all I want. Nothing else matters to me anymore in life but that. I get called Fat, Ugly, Trashy, Stupid, Lazy, Slobby, Loser by all Women I try to show I am interested in, All of them different shapes and sizes, not all skinny and modely looking.

    I want to die, I think about it everyday, every second, I don't want to be alone anymore. I can't take anymore of it, Along with the flash backs and the memories of my abuse. being used hurt rejected by everyone I run into. Everything I do in life I fail at, I can not do anything right, Seems all I do is wrong. I try finding thing's to do but I fail at it all no matter how hard and long I stay at doing it, I fail.

    I feel worthless and starting to feel hopeless.
    I tried killing myself 6 years ago <edit moderator total eclipse methods> I even fail at suicide, I fail at life, I fail at everything. I don't see the point anymore in anything. It is all hopeless and I am worn down and tired.

    I don't care anymore.
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    You are not worthless hun and there is hope There are many people who are overweight as you are hun I don't understand why you cannot be helped There is surgery that can be done there is nutritionist that you can get referred to ect there is help so i don't understand why your doctor is saying there is not help Perhaps seeing a new doctor ask for a referral to a specialist hun there is hope

    You keep talking to us ok make friends here
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    I have gone to Doctor's if the weight is not caused by one or more health issues then the insurance will not cover it. I have been to nutritionists, it is not what I eat and how much.
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    You aren't worthless at all, and your situation isn't hopeless. :hug: I'm sorry society has treated you so badly though, nobody deserves that. I hope you'll continue to reach out here, it can help just to make a connection with someone and realize you're not alone in the world.