I can't stand myself

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by carebear35, Jul 12, 2016.

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  1. carebear35

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    The past 2 weeks I've had non stop thoughts in my head of covering my body in scratches/cuts. I can't stand to look at myself. I've covered up my mirror so that I don't have to see myself. I went this afternoon to pick up my driver's licence and one look at my photo and I felt my skin crawling.
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    if you feel like that then i would try to face my self write compliments it does not have to be for you but something then just say it out load over and over infill you can't anymore i use to do this and it worked for quite some time, years. i just need you to know that it does get better and you will love yourself again but it takes time and effort like building a muscle it takes time. in the mean time work on your passions draw on you body and make it beautiful instead of covering in ugly scares i like to draw to give me some relife it helps a lot trust me (or you could watch anime or your favourite shows) talk to family or some one close to you who you know in your heart cares for you to a rainbow and back it will get better and i don't even know you but i wish you can get better and feel better because i care a lot and i hope you know that i give you my prayers and love :);)
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