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I can't stand this anymore!

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I'm so tired of watching all of my co-workers getting pregnant or talking about their daughters getting pregnant. All the while I sit there and smile and pretend it doesn't bother me.

I'm stuck in a relationship that goes no where. Stuck with being unable to break it off because of unstableness on the other side. And even if I did, I'd go back to the single looser.

I always have been. Always will be. I'm the one that will always watch people get married, have children.

I'm 28 and never got to experience true love on my side. I've only had one other boyfriend that only lasted a year. This one just hit a year also. But with both I've never felt the love they do. I feel like I'm broken, useless and just should get used to living alone. I wanna just move away from here, away from the people that know what kinda looser I am...

I think I'm just tired of smiling when people gush about new babies and marriage. I'm just so tired of it all, to the point I almost can't smile at others anymore. I'm sure that soon my smile will be forced and others will be able to tell.

I needa leave this place before it gets to that point. False happiness is so easy to do on a computer...Not in real life though...


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You are not alone in this regard. Have you given any thught that one of the reasons why you are always unhappy in a relationship is due to the fact that you might be rushing into things faster than you can handle?
To be loved is a perfectly natural thing and essential to all people, that a lot of the time, people get involved because they are over anxious to become part of something they see in other people, without taking the time to listen to their own hearts.
I never like to tell anyone to break up, but if you are truely unhappy and know for a certainty that things are going nowhere and that nothing you do is making a difference, then you are not with the right person who makes you feel complete.
What is the rush to be in a relqtionship anyway? Why do yiu want to have children so fast? Why get married? Is it just because you are hearing everyone else around you talk abut it? Or is it something you truely want right now?


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I think its better to be single than in an unhappy relationship. Society outs great store in being with someone but single is good too, and you can wait for the person who is right for you.


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Leif- I have always wanted children. I remember being younger and telling my family how I wanted kids. Lots of kids. I've been trying to think of how to break off but everytime I get close I get the "I'd die without you" speech followed by hours of panic attacks that make me feel bad about thinking about it.

windlepoons- I hear a lot of people swear being single is wonderful. :/ I just don't see it. I mean being single over in a blah relationship yeah that is better for sure. But...*shrugs*


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You are right SaraRose, I am newly single and it is not great though there are upsides.

It's more being happy to wait for the right person who 'gets' you.
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