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i can't stop thinking about...

The Scream

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a girl i met at the hostel in prague...

i know it's wrong while i already have a gf, but i can't stop thinking about her ><

me and my gf had woken up for breakfast and were sitting in the living room... then this girl came and she was like hi and we both said hi back...

and she was pretty :shelbi: and i know she was gay for sure, my gaydar went off :laugh:

anyway, my gf was sitting between us both facing me and the other girl sat with her whole body pointing towards me and she was looking at me and then i looked at her and when i noticed she was looking back i got shy and quickly turned away... after a while i looked again and she was still looking so i quickly turned away again and then i looked one more time and then she turned away her head and she laughed a bit... XD

i think that was her last night at the hostel, cause i didn't see her after that...

but now i can't stop thinking about her :(

i can't focus on anything...

and i know it's wrong and i don't wanna think about her but i can't stop ><

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