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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by black_angel, Jul 6, 2008.

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  1. black_angel

    black_angel Active Member

    The day started as hell..I wouldn't eat breakfast because of the previous days with all the food and stuff. I drank a glas of milk but didn't eat anything else. My spare mother wasn't happy and she really tried to make me eat.

    We talked a little and I tried to make her understand but she didn't get it. About one o'clock I ate a little bit of a sandwich but I knew that I couldn't eat anything else.

    To make this more easy for you to understand:
    My mother went away to my brother last monday and I was going to stay with my spare mother and spare father for the days that she was gone. The three first days I didn't eat and I felt really good about it.
    When my spare mother understood that I wasn't eating she made me eat two times a day and sometimes three or four times a day. I got a pain in my stomach and wasn't feeling to well. And then back to today.

    When I was going to my horse we talked a little more and started to argue about food and stuff and I got sad but didn't show just said like yeahyeah Im going to eat later I promise. Well when I was finished in the stabel I got back to their house to get my bag and go home to clean some in my mothers house. My spare mother told med to come back to eat 30 minutes from that I went home but I told her the truth that I wasn't feeling well about all the food that I hade been eating during the days and we started a little fight about it all. I got home to my mothers house and did everything that I hade in mind to do there and then I got back to my spare mother to tell her that I was going to sleep alone at my mothers house and do some more cleaning and stuff.

    When I got home again I orded pizza and got to the grocery store and bought candy, cookies and other stuff and went home and started my lovely binge evening, mm I love to binge or maybe not....

    Im not really sure why I wrote this, just guessing that I really needed to write this stuff. I have a horribel night ahead of me and Im not sure how it will end, hopefully It will be alright but Im not sure.

    Well if anyone reads this I would be happy if you would say something, don't know what but something. Something that will make me okay in the night that will come..

  2. butterflies32

    butterflies32 Well-Known Member

    I know that this is a little late but your spare mother has the right idea. Sorry to say this.

    Try and eat little but often. Even if you are able to eat a whole pizza through out the day and then a couple of cookies. Eat a lot of fruit as well. This will help stop the binging as you are constantly having something to eat throughout the day and it enables your body to gain what it needs and so helps with the starvation side to your ED.

    Along side this write two letters. One negative about yourself and food. And the other a positive one about yourself and food. People find it easier to do the positive letter as a response to the negative one. Then when you feel like binging or not eating read the positive letter. Through the negative one away as if to say I am going to try and bet this.

    Take Care


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