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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by whiskeylullaby, Apr 16, 2009.

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  1. whiskeylullaby

    whiskeylullaby Well-Known Member

    i can't stop cutting. most of the time i even wonder if i want to. i know all of the clinical reasons 'why' i do it - its a sense of control, its an outward expression of the pain i feel inside...i get it...i just can't seem to stop. don't get me wrong, i'll decide to 'move on' and 'get better' every couple of months but i just can't seem to make it work, no matter what i try. it is mostly the control that i desire, the reason i struggle with my ED, the reason why i cant seem to stop cutting. part of me just doesn't want to... how fucked up is that? i don't know. i just can't stop.i don't expect anyone to answer, i just needed to write something to keep my hands and mind busy for a little while.
  2. Buggsy2008

    Buggsy2008 Well-Known Member


    Ive been going through similar thoughts lately.. personally ive decided to give into it and not bother trying to quit.

    We're here if you need to talk x
  3. WildCherry

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    You're not fucked up. Cutting (or any form of SI) is addictive; and like any other addiction, it's really, REALLY hard to stop once you start.

    But it's possible to stop. One thing you need to do, if you're ready to try and stop, os to try and find some distraction techniques that can take your mind off cutting. It also helps if you have someone close to you that can support you and help you when things get tough.
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