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  1. kittybangbang

    kittybangbang New Member

    My life is slowly falling apart. Ii landed my dream job in mental health, which everyone was so sure id be excellent at. Tthere were really high hopes but Ive been told im a dissapointment so far and that Im a let down on the expectations they had. My boyfriend just came back from working on the rigs and ive been made homeless. All my stuff is packed ready to move into his...but Ii know its a big mistake and that its too late to change my mind as I have nowhere else to go. I havent felt this way in a very long time. But I just want to end it. Im desperate and obsessed with just ending it all. I feel like I cant get out and that Im this huge shitty burden on everyone who is failing at everything and has nowhere to go, noone to turn to who isnt either dissapointed in me or has their own agenda. I dont want to be here anymore.
  2. Nekosuki

    Nekosuki Member

    Hey Kittybangbang,

    It seems like a lot is happening all at once. With your job, there are so many struggling clients who are waiting for you to meet them. And who better to help them than someone who truly understands? Years of training are never as good as actually experiencing how we feel first hand. Just please try and think of this and not others expectations.

    Moving in with someone is also a big step and it's ok to feel that it's wrong. Does he work away a lot? And who's to say you have to stay there forever? If you don't think it's working then at least you'll have a roof over your head while looking for somewhere else.

    I joined this site just a couple of days ago. At the time I was moments away from ending it. But I posted here and a few lovely people reached out. You're not alone. You have those here to reach out to. We may all be strangers to you, but most of us here have been as low as you are just now. Hope this ramble helps
  3. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    Hi Kitty...welcome...the way in which you do your job has to satisfy you...all the judgments of the others are secondary...is it what you want to do? About moving in with your bf-if you think it is a mistake, is there a way to make the relationship more of a friendship/roommate situation and stay as long as you need to until you can do what is right for you? Also, is there a professional you can talk to IRL so that you can sort this all out? Being in the field, you know the value of such relationships...please keep posting and know there are so many people who understand...welcome again
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