I Can't Take it Any More! I'm Giving Up!

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I give up...I'm going insane...I'm on my own right now..I'm 17.5 years old...I haven't cut in months...but I can't take it any more! I need 2! And I think tonight is the best way....I dnt know y i'm posting here again...maybe part of me wants to get help..like 2% the other 98%...just doesn't care!! >.< And I'm never going back to the hospital!! NEVER >.< But I need to cut..if not..self harm...i can't take it..i can't..i just can't!!


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If cutting is what helps you get thru these times then go ahead.. Just don't cut to deep..I'd rather you talk to us..Get some support to help you..Why are you feeling this way??
i have my knife in my hand right now....i've been feeling this way for a while....and i want to cut deep...bleed to death...that'll end it...and what is there to say? im unloved, uncared for, laughed at, yelled at, bullied..etc so IDC any more...


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Your cared for here..I'm sure the others will agree with me.. Most of them are in bed..Please don't cut too deep..Don't cut on you arms..It's too hard to hide..Please stay with us..Why don't you put the knife down and go to your room and listen to some music.. It will help distract your mind..Hopefully it will calm you down so you can fall asleep..
I've never been ok...been in hell for the past 4 years...but what ever..idc any more..and if any of my friends or family find out...i'm killing myself..idc....and i aint going back to the hospital!!


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Your sig says 'Failure isn't the end, it's just a stepping stone'. I hope you remember these words. Your current actions are to get you on an even keel so you can try to address your problems, with the help of this forum or whoever else you have.

What happened 4 years ago?
i know...i put that bc i try to have positiveness...but nope....and 4 years ago? I started cutting, started to try and kill my step father...it's when my life made it 100% to non exsistint...so I should just grab my knife and kill myself! >.< I dnt matter to any1


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im not at all knowledgeable about cutting but i sure am about feeling suicidal.
there is always something to aim for. at your age its the start of YOUR life. you can move wherever you choose do what ever you want. you can move and put the past behind you and start fresh elsewhere.
whatever problems you have can be helped - maybe not cured - im 6 years on and still messed up. but im being helped and getting some form of life together.
there arent many people here right now - different time zones etc but please wait and you will find so many like minded people who can help you. youre part of a family here who will never turn you away.
im wishing you my best and wishing you well.
well...now that I cut tonight...I'm no gonna sleep any more...I'm not gonna eat...idc any more....my life sucks...no one even knows i'm here...im living..so i should just die
i tried bc he pissed me off...he pissed me off bc i pissed him off >.< He ruined my life...him and mother..when they married...i fucking hate that guy!!! So...they will be happy when their non existing Simone dies!! Where's my knife?? I need to slash my shoulder again!


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You help others on this site, you are valued here and if you were to go your input would be missed.

Please be safe, and talk to us. Tell us your thoughts.
well...for the past 2 hours..ive been cutting....i cut my right shoulder, my right arm once so it'd bleed a lot and i could drink the blood, top of both my legs, like thigh area, both ankles, and both feet...and my stomach....and how do i help? i dnt feel like i do..i just hurt ppl and make things worse...so i need to die! NOW!!


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You posted on several other threads I have read recently, giving support to others who need it.

You are hurting and you are letting it out, thats good. But please be careful and be safe.

Please keep talking, PM if you want.
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