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I Cant Take It Anymore!!

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Im Soo Effin Sick Of Everything !! Why Me Why Does My Life Have To Be So Bad As If Being Poors Not Bad Enough I Cant Get The Girls I Like Either I Mean I Can But They Have Bf's And Only Want To Cheat On There Bf's With Me And Me Being Hte Dumbass I Am Have Never Made A Move On Girl That Involved Sexual Stuff Why Cause I Dont Want To Be An Asshole I Dont Wanna Push Them Into Anything Theyre Uncomfortable With Im Too Nice I Treat Girls Like They Wanna Be Treated And I Only Get Dissed Later On Why Am I Nice Why Cant I Be A Asshoel Like Every Other Guy <_> This Isnt Fair Im Extreamly Depressed I Dont Know What To Do Cant Turn To Firends They Dont Care Or They Only Pretend To Cant Turn To My Family Cause My Mom Wants To Put My In A Mental Home Cause Of My Depression No God To Turn To Cause Im Athiest So Im All Alone This Jus Isnt Fair!!!! Why Me!!!
Well there are a lot of people in the world who would love to be in your shoes. People out there, starving for attention.. Look mate, here is my advise to you: Tell those girls, "Listen. I am not interested on a one night stand. I want a serious relationship. And if your not willing to give that to me, then I won't be willing to show you any affection whatsoever!" Thats all it is

I am currently 17, and I have been dating for under 2 years. I didn't se untill my Sophmore year in Highschool that i wasn't as repulsive as I thought i was. I turned out, i could get almost anyone to like me! You know how i did that? I took a shot, and i made a goal. think to yourself, "Whats the worst that can happen?" I'll tell you. You will get rejected. Thats the worst. Then you move on, and try it with somone else. Don't be afraid to be yourself. Its better to be what you are, then what you arent.

Hope that helps


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You are very admirable for not being like all those other guys and have one night stands with these girls. You shouldn't beat yourself up about that. Besides, you don't want to be with a girl that would cheat right? That means they would probably cheat on you. You seem to deserve much more than that. You're a lot better than the people you are describing. Don't get involved with them, there are many better girls out there, man! :cool:


hey !! it's my description !!
sorry man but, nobody can help you. There will still be a lot of people who say : " don't worry, your life is going to be better... " and because we are weak minds
we'll trust them everytime and stay in our shitty life. The most helpful people are the one that say : " If you want something , you have to deserve it " , because at least, they re true. But you know how much it's hard to take over ourself . It's impossible, we are not dominant males . So give up.
By the way, will you excuse me if i'm out of the subject but i was lookin for THE way to get rid of myself . I tried the plastic bag but i can't get the pills . So can anyone help me with that please ??
It's still a suicide forum, you have to help people that's right . But you know, we are in our rights when we want to commit suicide.
If someone is a complete loser (like me for example) there'll never be any advice he can put in practice because you know HE'S a loser, even if it comes from the education , a bad experience. Sometimes there is nothing to do about that. So i can understand what i say is completely horrible for the optimistic minds but ... F**K i want to leave this world . I've tried several times and as a loser i even fail to commit suicide . So please, tell me a good way, painless and not to expensive (I'm a loser, i don't have money ) . Thank you very much.
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