I can't take this anymore...

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    First of all, i wanna make something clear- I love my brother, I really do. But:
    My brother is questioning me all the time. Everything I say, is wrong and he is the only one that knows what's right and wrong. Even if I'm right, he keeps claiming that I'm wrong and stupid. Whatever I say, whatever I do, he keeps pushing me down.
    I know that he, inside, loves me and care about me, but WHY do he keep doing this?
    He used to be depressed, and is threatening that he'll leave the house and move to another town or something (he has already done it once but he moved back for some reason) according to him, he "can't stand" me because of my illnesses. Why do he act in a way that he knows makes me worse then?

    This is breaking me down totally, my self-esteem is below 0. I'm so used to defending myself from more attacks, that some people find me aggressive...
    I've already talked to my mother about this. She knows what's going on, but she has no answer to it.
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    Sometimes people put down others in order to make themselves feel good.
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    When someone in a family has an illness, it can affect the whole family, in fact it usually does. I obviously don't know your situation, so it's hard to give advice, but one advice can't hurt: try to put yourself in his situation. It's hard, but try to. Maybe he feels like it's all about you and your illness and he is put aside, or maybe he is just sick of having to deal with your issues when he has his own issues to deal with, etc etc.

    When someone is sick, it's common that they can't see past themselves and their illness, which is understandable; but it's also understandable that people around them can get sick of it after a while. Not saying it's you and your brother's case, but could be. Just think about it.

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    Thanks guys for posting :rose:
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    That's a tough one. My brother is the same way. Its not just towards me though, although I feel like he's especially critical towards me, I know he can be to other people too.

    I'm guessing you live with your family? How old are you?

    Could you talk to him about this and how it makes you feel? I don't know how close you are with him.

    Sometimes the only option is to distance yourself from people like this (I had a very negative family growing up and in counseling they've told me this repeatedly), not completely cut them out of your life, but distance yourself from them... IF you can't communicate with them and try to make things better.