i cant take this much longer

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    i dont know what happened,
    they fell through a skylight
    that night truthfully all of us died
    even though only she was buried 6 ft deep.
    im tired of people telling me its not my fault. ITS ALL MY FAULT. im sick of this life!
    im sick of hiding what i have done and what i have become.
    im sick of always having to be happy! this is hardly any better then where i was!
    i still dont get the support i need, i still feel cornered, trapped, dying.
    slowly i get furious, it doesnt happen often, and it generally turns to tears.
    im fed up right now. im HATE this. i killed her, i should be n jail. i want to kill myself.
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    i want to finaly be able to cry! i want tears to fill my sobs and threaten to drown me.
    im tired of these dry sobs where only a fear tears escape.
    im tired of being ignored
    im tired of being depended on and then shuned
    i hate people
    i hate the word family
    i hate myself
    i hate this life
    im tired, so tired
    im confused ond scared.
    im weak
    im fragile
    i want someone to lean on
    i want to be held while i cry
    i want someone to come after me when i runaway.
    i want to runaway.
    i try to help other people but right now i really need help.
    everything is chaos
    i am chaos
    how can one body contain this?
    i need to let it out..
    how the hell do i let it out?

    i just cant do this much longer, im not strong enough to continue to survive.
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    Keep screamin' and yellin'
    there's no harm in tellin' the world I've a crazy head
    For it keeps me amused to see them all confused
    It beats me how they walk around dead.
    For its a pyramid of hostility in a desert as dry as bones
    It's starved of affection by poverty and extravagant ghettoed homes.
    The treat as such is not very much as you walk along the street
    for the cobbles carry blisters and plant them on your feet.
    and all the dogs come out to play
    now the cats have gone away
    without the fear of being bitten
    by alley cats as tough as rats
    and tougher starving kittens.