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  1. debbiej

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    I went to the store after school today with dad to go buy some kitty litter and stuff. i saw my sister in line, and i said hey to her and started talking to her. dad walked away and didnt even say hey to her, and my sister had this weird look in her eyes that i couldn't quite understand at the time. i asked her about a recipe for some salsa that i wanted her to make, and i got a basket and started looking for some of the ingredients. i walked to the back of the store where dad was and asked him if we had any hamburger - one of the ingredients - and he said (i guess he assumed that i meant for supper) "i guess i can cook tonight with that, yeah." in a highly sarcastic tone (i had asked him before we walked into the store what we were gonna have for supper). i said, "no, for a recipe for some salsa im gonna get C to help me with" and he got all mad and said NO, I DONT HAVE ANY HAMBURGER. YOUVE GOT TO GO TO THE *OTHER* STORE DOWN THE STREET TO GET THAT and he got all pissed off and went to the line to check out what we had. then we go to the other store and he wants to send me in there but i said "i dont know what it looks like or where it is", and he gets out of the car, SLAMS the door in my face, and goes to get some hamburger and throws it in the backseat.

    i was driving, so i was trying really hard not to cry. and when we got home all he did was fuss at me. ive been sitting in here, crying my eyes out, and im so sick and tired of this shit that they keep throwing at me. i dont know what i did wrong or what i did to deserve this kind of treatment from him, but i dont think this is worth living for. ive been waiting for someone to come in here to notice me so i could say something, and for once be heard, but they dont seem to care. he came in here and stood at the door for ten seconds to tell me to vacuum and tell me to take the garbage with me when i go to my sister, C,'s house to get help in making the salsa.

    i cant take this. i dont want to live anymore. i dont know what to do or who to turn to. it would be so easy to just end it all right now, and i wouldnt have to worry about anything anymore. ive never been in such pain like this. my grades are dropping, i cant focus on simple tasks, i cant sleep, i cant eat because the food i eat doesnt have any taste or anything.

    my god...
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    Get out of the house/away from the people that piss you off any possible way for as much time as is possible. Stay with a friend, stay with your sister (it sounded like she wasn't one of the people that aggravate you), or just spend a ton of time away doing things. Separate yourself long enough to get a clear head, then decide what you need to do from there.
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