I can't talk to people.

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Vampiress892, Aug 15, 2010.

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  1. Vampiress892

    Vampiress892 Active Member

    People on SF have told me to messege them, or talk to them when I want to do something dangerous to myself.
    Even my mom has asked me to talk to her
    Well I can't talk to my mom cause it's to awkward.
    And I'm embarrassed to email, or PM the people on SF who told me to email them. It feel's like I'm whining or interupting something important. And I'm also scared to open up to people to much. I will tell them after I cut, What happened before now, but I can't talk to people before I cut.
    The reason I'm posting this is because, I am fighting with the urge to cut at this moment.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    that is when you go for a walk leave the area yourin. throw your tool away
    Put music on get outside okay do something tactile with your hands bake gardening anything to keep you busy okay until the feeling is past it will pass okay please try some distraction methods please
  3. Black Beauty

    Black Beauty Well-Known Member

    Well, you never know. Your mum might have been through the same stuff as you (or is going through the same stuff) but feels like it would be too awkward to talk to you about.

    My mum suffers from serious depression but she's hidden it from me and my sister for years, she was suicidal for a long time but didn't want us to know in case it made us down too. See our parents are separated and me and my sister just assumed that because she was an adult she wouldn't feel lonely. Feel really sorry for her. So maybe think of your mother in a more sympathetic way. That way it'll make it easier for you to talk to her about stuff without feeling embarrassed or awkward etc. Everyone has their struggles.
  4. k_pressy

    k_pressy Well-Known Member

    Even if you don't feel like you can private message people about whats wrong, just coming on here and talking about the most random crap you can think of can help. Its a distraction. I'm in the same boat where I find it hard to talk about what is actually wrong, but I have managed to go for weeks not cutting before by distracting myself with anything.
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