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    I can't tell people how I feel because I don't want to be any more of a problem than I already I am. I find it hard to talk to even the people I'm closest to as I'm afraid that they will leave because they think I'm strange or depressing, or they will laugh and tell me to stop being silly.
    So I will sit there unable to stop thinking about how awful I feel and how much it really hurts, but I cant tell anyone. It's almost like I'm being trapped by myself. I'm not sure if I can keep using distractions and coping mechanisms because they don't last and I always end up back on my own.
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    it's ok to share your problems and vent we are all here to share and try to help as much as we can , if someone judges you be sure that they don't desereve to be your friend , try telling your closest friend they might be able to help alot , and make sure to talk to a good therapist and take meds and stay strong , and keep writing in here hun :)
    feel free to talk to me about anything in the chat or anyone else if im not here :D hope you get better and *HUGS*
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