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I cough - I pee- WTF???


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How did I get to this point?

I will be 60 in 10 days - such joys await!

But seriously, some physical things aside, I do feel better than I have in at least a year. The days are more productive and I don't dread them so much.

Thought I would die whilst downsizing and moving to this little apartment, but I survived!

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Cough —> Pee is sadly very common for women in our age bracket. Has anyone noticed the shift in ads from monthly sanitary products to pads for mild incontinence for women? It made me laugh at first, but then I peed too. *hiding
Lol..same here Acy. I had a bad cold recently and if it wasn't bad enough that every time I sneezed I peed a little I also cougot a lot..lol Hooraay for Tena Lady!!


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ugh, when I cough I pee too *hiding. I'm not even in the right age bracket or you know a bunch of other things. Sorry, I couldn't help but share in this oddity. I know I probably don't belong in this particular part of the forum.

I'm glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better @Angie. You are a very special lady and I look forward to seeing around here.


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Yep. Peeing when coughing is very normal is us old goats. You could talk to your doctor about pelvic floor exercises. They might help, but a good panty liner is best.


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I have bladder problems too, as I have to wake up at least three times during the night to urinate. But I've gotten used to it. At least it's better than having physical pain, so I count my blessings.
And I have always managed to keep my finances steady and stable so that gives me reassurance. Evidently the Universe wants me to stay around for one more year.

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