I Could Die Tomorrow Morning

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by Godsdrummer, Dec 29, 2009.

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  1. Godsdrummer

    Godsdrummer Guest

    This isnt a suicidal threat post. This is stone cold reality check.

    I went to get my oil changed after work tonight. I went to a place I never have gone before.

    I have noticed while driving my car that lately it has been a bit bumpy. I just thought it was the cold weather, snow and ice on the roads etc.

    My car has needed an alignment for sometime now, but I kept putting it off, never really having the money for it anyway.

    Now I have found out that my 2 rear tires and the front passenger side tire are EXTREMELY bald on the inside. And they could go at anytime.

    I don't have the money to get new tires. Maybe in a month, but not now. I might be able to come up with the moolah to get used tires, and that is the plan.

    However, the earliest that could happen would be afterwork tomorrow. So I still have to drive 45 miles up to work, and then 45 miles back home on those dangerous tires. There is no place to pull over to change the tire if one blows, and if one blows with the ice and snow we have, on a 2 lane blacktop, there is a chance of a major accident with another vehicle, or kareening off the road into a ditch.

    Now...I know the simple answer. Don't go to work. But if I dont go to work, I will get fired. And my wife seems to think that I could probably make it a day or 2 on those tires.

    All I know is that the manager of that car repair place told me that they would probably be ok for a couple of days, but to be prepared to do a tire change, as there are no belts showing thru.

    ANd then there is that chance that they could go at anytime.

    If that happens, and it is a single car accident, that will trigger my suidical ideation so badly that I will walk away from the car and go somewhere into the wilderness to wait and die.

    This is reality time people, and I have no real answers for this one.

    Thanks for all your help in the past, but there is nothing anyone can do for me now. No words can fix this.

    If I make it to work tomorrow, I will post here to let you all know.
  2. WildCherry

    WildCherry ADMIN

  3. Mortal Moon

    Mortal Moon Well-Known Member

    Best of luck to you. And I do know the feeling- my car accident last month brought me closer to suicide than I'd ever been before. It's an incredibly devastating event.

    Hope you'll be safe.
  4. TWF

    TWF Well-Known Member

    Don't try anything reckless. Please do post tomorrow.
  5. Godsdrummer

    Godsdrummer Guest

    I am here at work.
  6. Mortal Moon

    Mortal Moon Well-Known Member

    Great! Glad you made it. :)
  7. WildCherry

    WildCherry ADMIN

    Glad you made it to work okay!
  8. Little_me

    Little_me Well-Known Member

    Good luck on your way home Bill!!
  9. Godsdrummer

    Godsdrummer Guest

    Thanks. I still have the drive home to contend with and there will be a ton more traffic then.
  10. TWF

    TWF Well-Known Member

    Made it?
  11. Godsdrummer

    Godsdrummer Guest

    Yep, Crisis is over.

    Look for a new post explaining it shortly.
  12. *sparkle*

    *sparkle* Staff Alumni

    im glad things are better sweet :hug:
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