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I could lose my soul

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Somebody help!!!!

I am a catholic, I am a catholic to the core. I have lead my life with the attitude that one should never hurt anyone no matter how bad they hurt you.

So why am I finding myself searching the web for sites on how to curse someone.

I am afraid for my immortal soul, but the need for vengeance is eating me up.

Someone talk me out of it!!!!!

Didorian Knight

hun, please do not do that.

I know the want for vengeance is so badly, otherwise you wouldn't be searching for that on the net. But please don't do that. The person you hate and yet love so much that you want to curse them will get their pain for what they've done. They will. Maybe not now, but in time they will. Because that's what they deserve. And they will be punished for what they did. They will. But you can't be the one punishing them. unfortunately that's not up to us. They will get punished Dev. Believe me, they will.

Sending HUGE HUGS to you, *hugs* :hug: :hug:

Est x


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Why is it that you want to curse someone? Maybe that will help.. Just stay strong and turn to the Lord for help.. Take care x
Stay strong hun, please please please don't do anything. You shouldn't wanna curse someone, rememeber the old saying 'what comes around goes around'.

Like Est said, they will get punsihed in due course.

Allways here for way.

Viks xxx


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Yeah I know "vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord", but the need to know I did it, got him back, is so strong I don't know where to put it or how to deal with it.


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if you really need to hurt something, but dont actually want to do harm (which is good of course) why dont you buy a little doll and everytime you want vengence you imagine the doll is who ever you want vengence against and stick a needle in it, or throw it against the wall or flush it in the toilet! in time you may well go through a few dolls but it might help relieve some stress....


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I tend towards Buddhism myself, and I know that I am sad and I am hurting and I want to be happy, and other people piss me off, annoy me and make me angry, but then I think they are sad, and are hurting and want to be happy as well. We are the same, no matter how much we try to disguise it.


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Oh he's perfectly happy, his shit don't stink as far as life is concerned.

Why is it people who do really awful things always come out on top?

I want his life to be tragic, vile and as miserable as mine...and if it means excommunication...SO BE IT !!!


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Don't care :mad:

Well I do or I wouldnt want peeps to talk me out of it, but Lord I am so festering with rage.
Jup jup, you should see saw III :ohmy:
Anyways listen to the rest.
Dont want it to get worser for you, do ya?
He will get punished or something
Otherwise I'll do it for ya :hug:
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