I cut myself but cant feel a thing

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    It s a little lame but I just wanted to tell someone. I wish I could open up to someone but I can't. People don't get it, they panic and overreact. I am fine. I am just having a bad day and I feel a little alone.

    Dont tell me to "get help". This is me "getting help". Telling someone (be it annonymous internet users). I prefer it that way. I like to keep it a secret.

    But its not even painful...I wish it was painful!!!
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    Putting stipulations on what you do and don't want to hear makes it a bit difficult to advise. I'm not sure what you are looking for, but I'm not going to tell you its okay to cut. I am going to tell you that its okay to be distraught and its okay to feel alone, but its what you attempt to do about it is what matters the most. CUtting isn't the answer though. I'm sorry you are having a bad day, but in the long run you are doing more damage than good, especially if you are looking for it to hurt. Eventually you will fin yourself in a situation much worse than some open wounds. The long to feel physical pain and the strive to get it will only land you in a place you don't want to be.