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I deserve all happiness.


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Its really offensive how people would always give me advices on what I should eat when I already know what I’m doing sometimes its not healthy, we can’t be healthy 100% everyday anyway and its really offensive to say “I’m sick cause I’m fat and I’m lazy cause I’m fat” when its always has been the other way round.

I wanna say this again, I move a LOT!
I deserve happiness
I deserve treatments
I deserve to feel humanly bad/sick
I deserve to feel whatever I want to feel
I deserve to enjoy all foods
I deserve to EAT

Do you expect me to die or something? Can you mind your own business you asshats?


•✮• SF's pet kitty, the cheerful and purest. •✮•
I'm proud of you and glad you're eating normally <3
yeah im in that process of letting myself eat regularly more and that if I become fat from that, I have to agree to myself that it is okay to be fat like.. Sometimes it can be just so stressful cause the thoughts of how much obesity can be harmful to health is frightening like as long as I eat the right food I shouldn’t worry and I just need to distract myself so much so I won’t purge. My dietician says if I eat a lot and goes up to 80kg, she won’t be mad at me if I did her homework of filling in the blanks of what I eat every meal.... This process can be hard sometimes, requires me to be positive almost all the time can be draining. I’ve just been practicing empathy. Well, at least I’m not lazy and depress all together... 😺

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