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I deserve it

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This past week, i broke 3 drawers. My mother then spent an hour beating me, a few time hitting me accross the head with a metal bowl. then she sterted kicking me into the stair railing. After that my dad came home and beat me some more. A few months ago, I told my dad that i have th freedom of speech he almost broke both my wrists. a few times at the age of 13 he almost suffacaed me to death.

Everyone says my dad is a good man, and thinks i'm mental, when they heard about the beatings bcuz they were eavesdropping a PRIVATE convo with my best friend. They say he would never hurt anyone.

I deserve what i get, I shouldn't speak, but i do, i shouldn't eat, but i do. Everything i do, it's bad.


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I don't really know how to say this but both your parents are breaking the law by beating you. You can have them arrested I think or at least spoken to by social services which WILL transfer you to a foster family. (If they do take their job seriously they will)

I know it's easy to say take contact with blabla all the time and that's why I'll start the real post now.

You should try to talk to your parents. Ask them what they get out of beating you and don't do it alone. Do it with a friend, have them over and ask them with your friend in the room why they beat you, what their goal is. They probably won't dare to beat you while a friend is in the same room but in the end, I don't know your parents. Best thing would be to maybe find someone close by, like a neighbour or something and try to talk to them, say how they treat you.

It's illegal and your parents should be behind bars.


Hey there, first of all :hug: Second of all, nobody deserves this crap. NOBODY. You do deserve to eat, speak, and everything else a human being does. The things your parents do to you are so horrible, and you should not have to be going through that crap EVER.

I know how hard it is to get out of a situation like this, believe me, I do. But its time for you to stand up and walk right out of that house. I know, its so hard to do, but you need to do it. Go to that friends house, a family members, the hospital, cops anybody but sit there and take that crap. I know what its like to have people think your dad is the good guy, when he isnt at all.

Please, just take care of yourself. In time you will build up enough courage to get out of there. I really hope you do..
Yeah about that they wouldn't dare touch me around a friend, That's when they threw me down the stairs,, when my (BEST) friend was over. They had grown so accustomed to her, that they let their guard down. She said they treat the dogs better than me.


You really need to get out of that situation. In time, when you are out on your own, you might have the same way with people you come in contact with. Like bf/gf type things. You get caught abusing someone else will land you in jail. You dont want that.
my current bf, is wrried that i;m TOO passive. I never bring up conflict unless it is SEVERE, and that's usually only with Animal cruelty and family. I usually get really really quiet


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I really don't know what to say to you, but you can't go on living like this, where do you live? there will be one of us near you i'm sure, who might be able to help you, take you to social services or something if you want.


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I'm going to try my damndest to get you some help. how old are you now btw?

will your best friend testify that they threw you down the stairs?

do you have bruises or other marks as evidence, we have to make sure that once it's been reported you're safe, and that they can't get their hands on you again.
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16 in a little over 2 months.
And no she won't, her parents wouldn't let her.
And for some reason, i don't bruise but i have chiropractic results from when she missaligned 6 out of 7 of my neck vertabrae.


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Well in a couple of months you'll be able to move out if you want, in the the summer you could go to college and live on campus. Tho I really think you need to report your parents, they shouldn't be allowed to get away with what they've done, and who knows what they might do once you've left? You have some medical evidence so that is good, but you'll need some determination to see this through, can you believe in yourself enough to do this?

Your parents will flat deny everything, and you can't back down, not once you've started, you'll have to be totally 100% honest about everything and show them as much proof as you can, (your friend could back you up and her parents don't have to find out). They may be reluctant to help you because you're nearly 16, but don't take that crap, you're not 16 and you deserve the protection of the state just as much as anyone else.

I wish there was more I could do personally, but I live half way around the world from you.

but please take this to heart, Child abuse is the worst thing in the world Full Stop. There is never an excuse for it, and no child ever deserves it.


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u live in canada u can leave now there r lots of options for u find a teen shelter i live in alberta as well. they r there get out thats insane u can work do school by coraspondence if u handled the stress of livin in such condistions u will handle livin on ur own fine get out work out the details after ur out
there r sooooooo many supports once u leave find them.
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