I desperately need someone to talk to.

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    Hello guys. This is my story. I just broke up with my partner. Or rather, the partner broke up with me. So that means, I am the problem. And I blame it on my uncontrollable rage and jealousy. It's intolerable. It's overwhelming. And perhaps, the partner has every right to break up with me. I was begging the partner to stay but there's nothing I can do. I need to change myself. I can't be like this forever.

    The point is I think I may have borderline personality disorder. And I have been too desperate like all the time. Pathetic and immature. I don't know when I will ever grow up. To be honest, my partner has hurt me in every way possible because of my attitude. I'm not normal anymore. I get really angry so fast and it's unreasonable most of the time. How do I control this thing? I think I was never like this before this kind of relationship. Please help me how to deal with this breakup and with myself. I know I'm in the wrong but is it ever too late to keep on trying to change everything for the better? :(
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    If you would like to chat Claire feel free to pm me

    :hug: :hug: :hug:
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    Lovely my inbox is ALWAYS open. I have BPD, so if you think you do I can talk to you about it.