I did something pretty stupid...

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    I usually have a decent relationship with my brother but I got so pissed today, we had a fight that would've turned phsyical if we weren't seperated. He threatened me and that was a mistake on his part. There are no two sides for this or anything, I didn't provoke anything.

    As crazy as it's gonna sound... as revenge I disabled his internet cable from the inside with a knife, once he tries to use the internet he'll get an error message like "modem not found" or something. It's cut inside, it's not going to work. The modem the cable's connected to is in my room, so who knows if he'll be smart to put two and two together. I don't know if people know how crazy I get can get with this stuff.

    Anyway, it's a pretty long cable and it's going to be a big deal to install again through the walls. I felt a huge relief when I did it, like I was possessed, but because he regrets it (we talk again) I feel it's useless now. I'd not regret it otherwise, I have no conscience when it comes to this stuff. He already tried to talk like nothing happened just minutes after I messed up his connection. I'm backhanded like that. It's gonna be such a big deal just trying to figure out the problem, probably call the modem providers, get the computer or modem checked, etc... maybe even take a good look at the cable. I probably should have let this one go. Sigh...
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    Do you usually seek revenge when things happen? If so, have you sought help to learn other ways to deal with things that happen?
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    I've done things like that before..... Get a new cable. Keep yourself under control next time, realise a problem isn't always permenant and try taking your anger out in different ways.
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    I actually let things slide more than I should in the past, I think. Now I always have plans (sometimes much "worse" than this) but I usually don't do anything and then there's no closure. Now it's more of a relief...but maybe on the wrong person.

    The cable goes through the walls so I wouldn't be able to do that even if I wanted to... but I managed to get the twisted part inside the wall in a way that leaves me out of this.
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    Cut the cable open and recconect the wires inside. Make sure you cover it again. Or cut it short (from the broken part) then open up the plug and place the wires in. That's if your cable is like mine....