I didn't do it.

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Atheist Demon, Dec 1, 2008.

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  1. Atheist Demon

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    This probally belongs either in positive or self-harm thread, but I put it hear cause I think it will help ppl.

    I was at work, and I saw a friend of mines, (I don't know if we are still friends). And he saw me but didn't say anything, and I got mad, but I didn't explode:smile:. But I was both mad and sad, he used me for money, said racist things about me ( I am black BTW) and when I was scared to go to West Tulsa cause of a ex-friend who said they will beat me up if I was around there, and I told him I was scared that my ex-friend will kick my ass, all he said was don't cuss in front of the kids (who were almost 13). So I was so upset, that I took a break, and went to QuikTrip to buy a razorblade to cut myself, the cashier didn't care if I did it or not. But he didn't have one. So I was more upset than before, but when I got home, I was glad that I didn't do it, I has went 4 months without cutting. And I didn't want to start over.
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    Congratulations on going so long without SI. Glad you were able to make such a brave choice. :hug:
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    Hey Atheistdemon,
    I know how you feel about going with your friend because it happened to me. I hitchhiked from New York to Texas to find work. A friend of mine out there said he would give me a job. Well once I got there I found out it was just him, he didn't have a company like he lead me to beleive. Another friend put me and a guy who hitched to Teaxas with me up. I got a job working across the street with a carpentry crew buildg. a house. I worked a week just so I would have money to eat on when I went back to New York. When we got back this guy starts pulling out stuff he stole from my friend. Now I can never go back there because my friend is a black belt in Karate.
    It sounds like you need some new friends. I give you kudo's for being able to function in this society. Take care and know it is not just you who have the same problem. Take Care!~Joseph~
  4. Petal

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    well done hun..keep your strength high :hug:
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