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I died in my dream

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I died in my dream. I was in an elevator that dropped a dozen flights and hit bottom. I remember knowing I was going to die. I remember just standing there waiting for me to die. I didn't panic. I just stood there waiting those last seconds to hit bottom. I felt pain when I hit. Then I died. Afterward, I saw myself lying at the bottom of the elevator. Then I woke up and was confused, not sure if I was alive or dead.

I've heard people say that a person cannot dream their own death because one's subconscious wakes them up before they dream their death. Apparently this is not true.

In real life sometime later, I was on an elevator that dropped about a floor. I stood there waiting to hit bottom, but we stopped within seconds. The woman in the elevator with me started screaming. When the elevator stopped between floors, she pretty much body checked me to get out the door. I thought, "Yes, after you. I'm pretty much suicidal, so by all means, you go first."


This has happened to me too but my dream followed me for a few years. Very scary stuff I believe I was in 3rd or 4th grade.
I'm not suicidal but the same happened to me, Sad_rabbit! I dreampt I was in an auditorium and a sniper shot me from above. I 'saw' my body falling to the ground and there was blood. It's weird. I don't know what happened next! Maybe I woke up?! :ohmy:
I died in my dream, a victim of being held down and shot lying face down in the dirt with someone's boot on the back of my neck. It was a weird feeling because I was struggling and fighting to get up... once the gun fired, I could no longer move. Within a couple of seconds, I could feel a dark cloud climbing up through the back of my brain and moving forward, erasing everything until I no longer knew who I was..... and it all faded out to nothing. I really thought it happened until I opened my eyes. Anyone else?
yes. those dreams are weird. for me it's like you slowly come back to life then you wake up
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