I do not hate women or homosexuals

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  1. NoMoneyToPlease

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    I would like you all to know that I do not hate women or homosexuals.
    Some of you may have thinkings in this direction that I may in fact do.
    But I feel this is the perfect moment to let whoever reads this know that I do not hate someone just because they are different from me.

    I have recently come into the vicinity ofsome bad dealings online with a group of Lesbians.A group of women who claim to be Lesbians.

    They were rotten bitches,regardless of what they get up to in the bedroom, and their rotten bitch actions pushed a normally tolerable me to the brink of bigotry.

    I now realise that every of a community functions like a body,and a body needs matter to make up its asshole.

    Sadly these assholes seem to double as mouthpieces.

    Luckily they do not function as a brain or they would be dangerous.

    I deeply apologise if the fallout from meeting such douche witches has cast the impression that I exist only for the function of hating on the people who receive a wholly unfair amount of societies abuse and ridicule.
  2. ashtar

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    There are assholes everywhere. Even this forum, why, didnt I encounter some yesterday? You have to realise that those "assholes" live to bother you. That is their whole existence.
  3. victor

    victor Account Closed

    good point mate! same here btw i do not hate anyone unless they deserve it (like at least 40% of south africas male population and the likes). even tho i chat shit it doesnt mean ima rasist or anything.
    very good point!
  4. victor

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    hows u, stil stuck in Finland?:) i cant believe they shut the airports lol
  5. ashtar

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    Not really. Just a few flights. They do it every freakin winter. Should be coming back by friday!
  6. victor

    victor Account Closed

    k, ill wait with big bottle of vodka:D :lol!: but i live on the other end of picadilly line lol
  7. ashtar

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    You want to kill me? Vodka? hehe I have cider in shots! And vodka means puking all over the place. Then some more. Is woodgreen on the picadilly line?
  8. victor

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    nooooooooooooooo don tell me u live in wood green:):):):):):) :lol!::lol!::lol!::lol!:
    r u serious?????????????????
  9. victor

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    thats just great, urre my neighbour:):)
    k, ill get cider n u can drink it in shots if u want:):)

    or we can go to jolly anglers or goose:D :lol!::lol!::lol!:
  10. nolonger

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    This is towards NoMoneyToPlease:

    Thanks for saying that :). I was arguing with you about being gay etc in another thread and I'd like to say I was kinda pissed off at that point in time. Not directly at what you were trying to say, but it seemed to set me off, :laugh:.

    Over here the debate on gay marriage has started up and unfortunately you see a lot of hateful shit being said about gay people. It can push you over the edge when the hateful crap is all you're hearing/reading. Anyways, I'm basically trying to say sorry to you because I tried to direct a lot of that crap towards you, even though it should go towards religious fuck-sticks that deserve to get eaten alive by a group of apes.

    Lol, so..sorry :(.
  11. NoMoneyToPlease

    NoMoneyToPlease Banned Member

    @ashtar-Yes,you are right.That is their "hole" existence. ;)

    @Victor-40% of the male population of anywhere probably need a good hating.
    It's one of life's laws.

  12. NoMoneyToPlease

    NoMoneyToPlease Banned Member

    To be honest with you LongRoad95 I was just trying to wind up the original poster.It gets a bit tiring having emasculated grumps using the term "fucked up the ass" as though there should be a demeaning element to the act.

    Maybe it is time to run a campaign informing grumps and bigots that being "fucked up the ass" is not something that happens unwillingly to a weak man or neither is it a painful act of punishment.

    Then maybe another campaign can run directly after that informing the dumb that calling someone a "cocksucker" as an insult is in fact...dumb.

    I also thought that you were the original poster pulling a sock sneak attack.Call me paranoid but that kind of thing is not unheard of online.

    Can I annoy you one more time? ;) Okay here goes.
    I think homophobes should start being known as "faggots".
    Only them,no-one else.
    They have after all won the right according to their own definitions,as all they seem to think about is two men having sex....and then telling the world without any sense of self or irony that that is what they do well.
    In a homophobes mind,a gay man must have difficulty having a shave or getting dressed to go out,due to being constantly shagged witless.

    Anyway,I am overcompensating,so again I apologise,and I apologise for ruining that original apology. ;)
  13. victor

    victor Account Closed

    ure gonna be fuckin famous one day, brother, i swear the god, u r!!!:D:D:D marvellous!!!:D