I Do Not Have To Justify Myself To ANYONE!!!

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    You know for the longest time I have struggled with people. You know people who tell me not to die. They try to dive deep into my mind, they always ask for a reason for me to die. The funny thing is that none of them would actually ever say that I am allowed to die. After all, if people were allowed to die then attempted suicide would not be a crime and assisted suicide would be legal. However the problem is that it is illegal to die in our society. Well you know dying of natural causes is one thing, but knowingly ending your life is another thing.

    So today I realized something, instead of spending time explaining it to other people. I can just say what I should have said right from the get go, "I do not have to justify myself to you or anyone for that matter". There is the truth, the truth that we all have to live by. No matter how much people want me to be free and open about things. I am not going to justify myself to people anymore. I want to die that that is that. I like to keep things simple and that is what is important to me. If things are not kept simple then they are annoying and tedious.

    The other thing I hate having to deal with is when people tall me that I can be fixed. I know I have ranted about this before, but most people will plead and talk about fixing me and how I can be fixed, or something like that. However, the second I resist in anyway I am the bad guy and I am the one who is at fault. So yeah you know what, you guys are right. I am the one who wants to die and I am the one who knows I cannot be fixed. So how about a little gratitude here. I am saving you lots of time and effort, as well as emotional pain. So do yourself a favor and live in your world of hypocritical bliss. Believing that I can be fixed, but then telling me that I am the only one who can fix myself.

    I cannot believe I just realized this now. I should have realized this years ago. Why the hell have I been wasting years and years fighting with people over my right to my own existence? Well no matter I figured it out now and that is what counts. I mean when I really get to the core of the issue the only reason I really want to die is because I cannot seduce females, that is all. I am just an ugly turd with no social skills and no female that I want has standards that low, and they never will. Ok they might when they are in their 50s but why bother at that point. Regardless, that is what I realized today. I can stop wasting my time trying to justify to others why I should die. I will just die and that is that. No one can help me and I cannot be fixed, for whatever reasons people want to make up. So do not ask me why because I am not going to answer your people anymore.
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    You know what... This Is the first thing I've read in a long time that makes sense to me... You gave me a lightbulb moment... I don't have to justify just to be told I'm wrong and I should think another way.. What if my (your) way of thinkinis actually the right one for us???

    This whole fixing thing does my head in.. I'm not broken, I just think differently.. I'm not a pc or machine that needs parts replacing or rewriting.

    Lol I'm gonna enjoy the shrinks face when I next impart this great bit of wisdom! Thank you!
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    @EX1T: Umm glad to help, but I do not understand why you would waste money like that? I have never been in for psychological treatment and I have no intention of doing it anytime soon. Just a thought I have when I read this post. Seems like a waste of money to go to a psychologist just to tell them you think they are wrong.
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    I'm in the uk so was told by shrink I had to go talking therapies load of basic u ask me... I wouldn't pay someone to sit and jabber who doesn't give a shoot either way :D but it may yet land me on the ward if I'm not careful enough about delivering the MSG :D
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    It's illegal to die by hand not nature, whether it's inward (suicide) or outward (murder/manslaughter) - I do not understand how we would ever actually have a right to die when the basics of both are the same. It's a premature ending of a life - based upon what people have experienced/do not like about their own ones.

    And the other thing that struck a chord with me - is if you have never had a psychologist appointment before, how can you be knowledgeable that it would never be helpful?

    Just a couple of pointers I've noticed - in regards to having the right to die, I would have to say that could have extremely wide reaching implications. Give everyone here the 'right to die' pass that you feel you should have regarding your own life, and the implications of a number of grief ridden family/friends of those who are still on here, you can see how that would cause a bit of devastation to a number of lives beyond the individuals on here. That would just be the start.
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    I'm staggered that it is illegal in the us, yet gun ownership is a constitunial right... Nvm that's a whole diff arguement for a diff forum.

    I never bought into the psych talk either but was forced into it and it's turned out to be as nonsensical for me as I had predicted/ known. A lot of ppl respond to this kind of treatment but it's not for everyone, believe it or not, a wish to end one's life does not mean one doesn't know what will or won't work for them.

    If op is like me, doesnt trust ppl, let alone those who get paid to listen to you, then therapy is pretty pointless as the whole process is based on trust.
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    Therapy might help you realize something about yourself that could make you feel better, show you an alternate resolve for your problems. The problems that are making you suicidal may never go away, but if you can learn a new way of dealing with them that's more constructive, living with them could be easier; and the effects of them - "no woman will ever love me" - down the line would be mitigated. But only if you can learn there's a better way to deal with them now. You shut yourself off to help then you're cheating yourself and someone else who would love you in the future.

    Just my opinion, but I believe in free will. Dying by suicide robs you of any potential for change, and the privilege of being a part of the future; one that may work in your favor with just minimum tweaking in the present. But I don't tell people to live anymore, every man can make his own choices and live and die with the consequences, good or bad, reasonable or not.
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    @unimportant: I know it won't be helpful because of captialism. Why permanently fix something that will keep giving you money for years even decades to come? The problem is that I will have to waste thousands of dollars to know I am being screwed and not getting anywhere.

    I do not care about my family and I have no friends. It is funny, everyone will tell me to do what is important and right for me. Unless I tell them that I am going to die.

    @Prinnctopher's Belt: o_O what is this love bullshit, I never said anything about love. I will say I am not shut off to help, I am shut off to people wanting to take credit for doing nothing. That is what most people call "Help" these days. The most help they provide is to tell me to see a therapist. However, if I do not get better it is because I did not try hard enough. Ia m the one at fault for the failure. No one is ever going to put forth the effort because it is too much work. I personally believe that a good psychologist can trick me well enough to fix me. My participation is optional.

    I see no reason to make the future where my youth was wasted better. That is the part of me that is broken. If I was fixed by now it would be one thing, but the rate things are going. I see myself being... well pieced together enough to think suicide is bad by the time I am 50, and I am going to start falling apart anyway.